With ASO, ad strategies and content development, apps can be delivered to more people. To provide all these, it is necessary to use the acquired insights in the process of ASO, ad strategies and content development to enhance the app. Insights that are used for ASO and forming ad strategies can also be an important resource when developing products or content. Therefore, getting inspired by analyzing the strategies of the competitors in the category where the app is present is a quite efficient method, especially when developing games.

It is unlikely that you singly thought and designed an idea in mobile apps, as in all technological products in the world. It begins to diverge with the factors such as analyses, plans, tests, and time on the ideas that were the same in the beginning. App contents are also like ideas. The categories where the app categories change most often and are popular are usually games. Trying to make a new invention in a category with such a large market is quite difficult and stressful. Instead, it is a good way to develop content inspired by other games. Because it allows you to plan your game by analyzing these contents and growth strategies.

While creating your product inspired by content and growth strategies of your competitors, it will not be very efficient when this is a copy. By copying content, you will achieve unsuccessful or unsustainable short-term successes. It will be quite difficult for you to develop a new game or improve your product in advanced stages. In this article, we will explain in detail how we can use ad intelligence in the game category to develop products and growth strategies.

Start by Analyzing the Best: Top Charts

Starting analyses from the best, it is possible to find examples where content and growth strategy are managed most efficiently. It can be said that it is at the top of the list because it has correctly planned its content and growth strategy. A general analysis can be made by analyzing the apps categorized as free, paid, top grossing without choosing any category. At this stage, we will analyze with an analysis sample according to the game category, iOS operating system and the United States location.

In the game category, for iPhone devices with iOS operating system, free, paid, and top grossing rankings in the United States are listed as follows.

We are starting by analyzing the top ranked games in the free category. The first of these is Bounce and Collect game published by Voodoo. First of all, it would not be wrong to say that they have sloppy descriptions and screenshots. However, localization of the app title according to different locations is an important factor for organic growth. It would not be wrong to say that they did not do the basic ASO optimizations in great detail.

The possible reasons for their growth in a short time are mobile ads and word of mounth. Analyzing their mobile ads, we can say that they implement a good advertising strategy. A continuous advertising strategy has been implemented only in the light of Facebook ad network. If we are planning a content such as Bounce and collect for our game, we can deduce that great works can be done with Facebook ad network. You can get better results with a similar advertising strategy and a much better ASO. Finally, by analyzing reviews, it is great to see how the game you want to develop gets comments from users with a similar content.

We can continue by analyzing the second game in the free category, Paper Fold. It can be said that the screenshots on the detailed page of Paper Fold were prepared more elaborately for iPhone and iPad with the iOS operating system. This time, you continue to analyze ASO’s key criteria as we did with Bounce and Collect. Here you can recall how ASO was made and evaluated. We see that Paper Fold proceeds only with the Facebook ad network and gives very little advertisements. View this advertisement that we can consider successful published by Paper Fold on Facebook advertising network. When you develop a game that has similar content with this game, you will have access to one of the right marketing methods.

Analyze Paid and Successful Games

Minecraft and Bloons TD 6 keep their seats in the paid category with very successful reviews with an above average fee. We can say that the games in the paid category pay attention to ASO and advertising strategies equally.

Analyze the ASO factors such as elaborate description, screenshots, and localizations in detail. With this, they aim not only for organic growth, but also to provide users with the perfect app and store page experience for a game that they will pay. It can be said that most of the games in the paid category proceed through almost all popular ad networks. You can learn the top ad networks and their features from this post. If you are developing a game in the paid category, it is not difficult to see that your competitors have high ad budgets with ad intelligence.

Discover the Top-Grossing Games with Top Grossing

The first important detail in the top grossing category is that free games are usually at the top of the list. Creating game content and revenue model right is the key factor to long-term success. Pay attention that the development, ASO, and ad strategies of top grossing apps are consistent and long term. If you have started with a long-term and high goal, the ad contents, ASO optimizations and development steps that are created for ad networks by the games listed in the top grossing should be analyzed to create your effort and budget plan.