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Make your next app hit the charts. Check your app’s performance in every country, see the latest changes, and find the best performing analytics.

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Reach clear and accurate data to create your next winning strategy. Stay up-to-date by reviewing your app's statistics anytime.

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Develop your marketing funnel with equipped features of StoreSpy and grow your apps exponentially.

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Follow charts, market trends and find your place among them. Increase your numbers and always lead the field.

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Connect your app and attribute your decisions with up-to-date data

Get all insights to boost your app and dive into new markets. StoreSpy provides the best of it to convert more users into revenue.

Have all-in-one analysis by simply connecting your app

Have all-in-one analysis by simply connecting your app

Review your app’s performance, get the charts of downloads, revenues, breakdowns, and crashes.

Marketing your app is smarter with StoreSpy's app intelligence platform.

Get everything you need with one integration from App Store & Google Play

Hear your users through ratings & reviews

Hear your users through ratings & reviews

Get daily review and rating breakdown from as a table view.

Understand what your users are asking and answer their demands. Filter review types, date range to see the big picture from customers’ perspective.

Market Intelligence

Research the app market and explore new opportunities

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Top Charts

Explore apps that hit the charts. Always follow the downloads, understand what’s users demand, and benchmark from your competitors.

Discover new categories

Looking for new markets to publish an app? Find yourself a new place among the hot apps of other categories. Launch a new game or app by checking out the latest category trends.

Get deeper statistics for charts

Get deeper statistics for charts

See the changes according to the app types like paid, free, or gross. Understand which strategy causes their win or lose.
Have an eye on featured apps

Have an eye on featured apps

Regularly check which apps are being featured in each country. Find out what’s loved about these apps and use them to get featured.

Break down the lists, charts for each category, and benchmark from the best competitors.

Who is StoreSpy for?

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App Developers, Publishers

Create the new best app by monitoring the movements of the app market.

ASO Experts, Analysts

Make the best of ASO by getting daily, weekly, monthly analyses of rankings, keywords and top charts.

Digital Agencies & App Marketing Companies

Present data-driven strategies to your app owner customers and make them loyal.

Venture Capitalists & Scouting Firms

Track, follow and review all the metrics of your next potential investment.