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Analyze how your apps are performing with the mobile analytics dashboard. Review all your data, track your apps and enhance their overall performance.

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Why StoreSpy?

We're committed to providing you the best, transparent, reachable results with a user friendly platform.

Why StoreSpy?


No need to deal with complex data and tools like a labyrinth. Simply view all the information you need through our platform. See something complicated? Tell us and we'll make it easier for you.

Accurate & trustworthy

StoreSpy is a full product of engineering. Our software engineers are strictly working to procure the most accurate and reliable data for you.

Save Time & energy

You don't have to calculate conversion rates, revenues, MRRs, and all needed metrics of your product. Have your dashboard ready and well-prepared for you. One-click and you'll reach them all.

Uniquely yours: App profiles

Uniquely yours: App profiles

Monitor your own app’s analytics with one app profile that is created by your current data. Get actionable insights, see when you’re featured or in the charts, and know anytime a change occurs for your app.

See your app's overall performance with one simple dashboard. Check out now.

Use the power of data to unleash the potential of your team
Boost the team

Use the power of data to unleash the potential of your team

Provide all boosting insights & strategies to your team. Power up the sales, achieve your goals, and create winning products.

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User acquision

Reach the target audience for your app and learn how to acquire more users.

User loyalty

Keep your existing users loyal, convert more revenues by analyzing retention rates and reviews.

Optimize app marketing efforts

Optimize app marketing efforts

Clearly find out the critical points of your growth funnel and dig into the impressions, app units, conversion rates by StoreSpy's App Performance Analysis. Identify at which stages you need to increase or decrease your marketing efforts.

Decide to spend your budget according to it. Don’t waste time or money without reviewing the current data of your apps.

Enhance app optimization process with reliable data

Analyze your growth

Regularly check your app units, impressions, revenue. Analyze the ups & downs for the overall performance of your apps and their ASO.

Keep an eye on top charts

Master the market insights with always knowing the users’ demands. Get the top charts in every country to see the most trendy apps.

Provide customer support

Easily reply to reviews & ratings via our dashboard. Engage with users, understand their issues, and provide the needed support to make them happy.

Monitor all your campaigns

Know how your ads perform, which creatives bring more value, and how they affect your ASO score. Find out the best one and keep getting better on ads.

Know when you rise

Just saw a jump on downloads and don’t know how you grew? See when and where your app is featured.

Get supported anytime

We’re always here to answer your questions and support any issue you have. Reach us anytime you want and get the all support you need.

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