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Discover the key factors of the mobile ads and monitor the best-performing campaigns

Ad intelligence provides a smart path for a successful user acquisition campaign. Stop testing ineffective marketing creatives and start focusing on the right channels.

Top Creatives

Top Creatives

Reach out to the data of top creatives. You can simply view the best-performing creatives of high-ranked applications and how they dominate the market.

Examine all assets to create winning advertising strategies.

Get the full data of top creatives at all dates, ad network platforms, and creative types by sorting them as top ads and last ads.

Top Advertisers

Top Advertisers

See the top advertiser apps, and view their dashboards and latest created ads in detail.

Monitor and learn from the top apps with the most performing ads. Have an analysis of all their unique creative numbers, the share of voice, and growth rates.

Get this data from all ad networks, categories, devices, and countries.

Top Advertising Publishers

Top Advertising Publishers

Don’t ever look anywhere else or get lost in the complex features. Simply reach out to a wide list of top advertising publishers with ad networks, creative numbers, and impression scores.

Easily check on any publisher and their apps by clicking from the Top Advertising Publisher list.

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