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Get the latest updates and top charts of different categories. Catch the possible opportunities and dive into the new markets.

Get actionable insights

Reach clear and accurate data to create your next winning strategy. Stay up-to-date by reviewing your app's statistics anytime.

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Develop your marketing funnel with equipped features of StoreSpy and grow your apps exponentially.

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Follow charts, market trends and find your place among them. Increase your numbers and always lead the field.

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Carry the knowledge of world trends with insights, always be at the top

Follow the charts, analyze country statistics, research local and global opportunities to enter new markets.

Reveal the data of top apps & charts

Reveal the data of top apps & charts

Know in which countries your rivals are active. Track the current market to see which applications are hitting the charts locally and globally.

Unlock all the activities to grow your app in every continent.

Get current market insights & estimates

Get current market insights & estimates

Learn how your category ranking is changing day by day, and take a deeper look at the download statistics weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Get high-accuracy estimates for the growing markets, category analysis, and timely changes.

Ad Intelligence

Optimize mobile ads for the best performing campaigns

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Find the perfect ad creatives

See the campaigns, ad creatives, and platforms that perform the best for your advertisements. Create your next ad strategy wisely.

Analyze the networks

Calculate which platform makes you earn the most with deeper statistics on ads, revenues, locations and so on.

Benchmark your competitors to implement the best practices

Benchmark your competitors to implement the best practices

Reveal the data of every app's growth strategy and understand in which time, platform, or country they succeeded to grow. Analyze successful projects and determine your plan intelligently.
Review store analysis with country specifics

Review store analysis with country specifics

Always track the market data to know if there is a new competitor in any country.

Who is StoreSpy for?

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App Developers, Publishers

Create the new best app by monitoring the movements of the app market.

ASO Experts, Analysts

Make the best of ASO by getting daily, weekly, monthly analyses of rankings, keywords and top charts.

Digital Agencies & App Marketing Companies

Present data-driven strategies to your app owner customers and make them loyal.

Venture Capitalists & Scouting Firms

Track, follow and review all the metrics of your next potential investment.