How many people do you ask their opinion before buying a technological product? Or how many different videos do you watch and go through the comments of experts and users on that product? The answer to these questions proves the effect of user experience on the sale of a product. Apps are the products that are marketed to users for paid or free. Therefore, the importance of user experience for apps is no different from the previous example.

With ratings and reviews, which are among the effective factors of ASO, you can reach your potential users more easily and increase your app downloads. For this, explore the importance of ratings and reviews, implement the best strategy for your app.

Rating is the average in consequence of users rating your app between 1 and 5 stars. Review is a type of feedback that users evaluate your app in written form.

Best Practices for Ratings and Reviews

  • Ask your users to rate it at the right time. It usually works well to request an evaluation at the time of the best experience for users that you estimate in accordance with the content of your app. This response is likely to be lower when your app is first opened or while users are still getting used to it. An experienced user who has used your app a few steps will usually increase your ratings.
  • Be responsive to all feedback. A user who visits your app page to download your app will definitely go through the ratings and reviews. S/he searches for the questions in his or her mind before downloading the app. Positive/negative feedback that you directly respond can convince the readers to download. Remember that app reviews below an average of 3 are evaluated negatively. The best way to benefit from them is to solve their problems with a professional style.
  • Usually error-free product means good user experience. Make sure that your app works without any bugs. Use feedback to remedy the deficiencies. Very few people want to use an app that often gives an error and exhausts the phone.
  • Benefit from feedback during the development process. Mobile app users may often make individual requests regarding the product. Transparent returns are good for these. Testing every suggestion of your users for the development process, you can bring an important feature to your app. Create a mechanism to analyze this feedback. It is not possible to develop all the requests. However, eliminating suggestions with a method based on analysis is very useful for product development.
  • Creating a community can bring instant supports in times of need. If your users are an audience that you can reach physically or online, it is a frequently used method to request ratings and reviews directly. Just like the evaluation notification that comes while using the app, you can do this in the activities you organize.
  • The Mobile Growth process does not consist of a single piece. Being linked to good reviews and ratings results is directly related to all the details and content of your app that appear in the store. You can reach the goal by optimizing all ASO factors. Like any other factor, it's not important to only have good reviews and ratings results.

Ratings and Reviews for ASO

You can find important insights about ratings and reviews in app stores in Apple's App Store Review Guidelines and Google's Play Console Help.

You can use this area efficiently in accordance with the insights of App Stores. Google Play Store differently uses the keywords in the reviews as a factor affecting your app's ranking in the store.


It would be very effective if an influencer evaluates your app and shares it. It can help increase your number of downloads and feedback, as well as become one of the editors' choices.

It is most important to ask your users for a feedback at the right time. It would be boring to ask before they fully experience your app.

It is quite important to take advantage of negative feedback. With the quick feedback you make, you can create a user connection and influence potential users.