You are about to plan your first ad or improve the existing ad process for the growth of your app. One of the things you wonder is the ad networks. Yes, there are too many ad networks. Well, which one is the best for you?

Choosing the right ad network or networks will affect your user acquisition directly. Therefore, it will probably be inefficient to advertise without doing detailed research and analyses. Let’s analyze the ad networks with their working structures to manage your budget in the most optimum way and get efficient results.

Why Do We Need Ad Networks?

Created ads are not published directly. Ads have to match the appropriate ad spaces and be compiled as format. Ad networks solves this problem. For this reason, you can think of the ad networks as a system consisting of software from advertisers and publishers.

Ad networks support many different ads, such as fixed, video, and gamification. The diversity and number of visits provided by ad networks create competition between ad networks. You can run the most efficient ad campaigns by understanding ad networks.

You plan technical and commercial strategies thanks to ad networks that connect advertisers and publishers. You will increase the downloads of your app as your ads are viewed more, reach more people, and are clicked more.

How Do Ad Networks Work?

Mobile advertising is composed of 5 interconnected basic concepts. These are respectively: Advertisers, Programmatic Ad Networks, Ad Networks, Ad Monetization Technologies, Publishers. Advertisers want their ad content to be viewed on different platforms and their app to be recognized. They aim to create the most efficacious ad content and get it to the most people. Programmatic Ad Networks, on the other hand, are the systems that work directly without any intermediaries for advertisers and serve to advertise quickly. Ad Networks are networks where you can look at different spaces for your ad in exchange for your budget. In other words, they offer you the spaces where you can show your ads with its fee. Ad Networks are mediators where advertisers reach publishers and publishers can put their spaces in service for advertisement. Ad Monetization Technologies enable publishers to manage a profitable ad process. Actually, they help publishers and advertisers manage their budget efficiently. Publishers want to rent the space in their app for advertising. Its fees vary widely, depending on its audience, popularity, and category of its application.

Facebook (+Instagram)

You know that Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media channels. Facebook has even managed to become the biggest social media with over 2 billion users in the first quarter of 2021. Therefore, with Facebook, which is an Ad Network, imagine how many people you can reach. Facebook is elaborative while categorizing the users from which it receives general and private information in advertising campaigns. Location, gender, age, relationship status, and education are just some of these. Through Facebook ads, you can reach users with content, such as picture and video. Messenger, an app of Facebook, is also a channel where you can reach your potential users for advertising.


It is Twitter’s ad network that features with its distinctive style among the popular social medias. It also has its own unique and creative solutions among the ad networks in social media. Recently, it has focused on the game industry. MoPub contains many different ads, from HTML5 ads to video ads. MoPub also benefits from the biggest difference of ad networks in the field of social media. So, target audience can be customized more. In MoPub, you can create your target audience according to the data of location of people on Twitter, their interests, etc. You can also create packages that you just pay by downloads of your app without paying for each ad view.


Unity, one of the most preferred ad networks by game publishers, was released in 2014. Unity supports the most different ad formats that run directly on iOS and Android without the need of ad SDK integration. Since it is an ad network that can reach the game user easily, it can bring the game apps together with potential users. Unity is the network that provides the most diverse ads in the field of playable ads. Unity says that it has reached over 23 billion ad impressions per month with the sense of different ad content and the success in the field of game apps.


Admob, which works in integration with AdSense in order to evaluate Google support and app metrics, the giant of the Internet world, is the best known in this field. Admob offers three different ad formats as an integration system. These are: Standard Banner, Interstitial, Interactive and Custom Search Ads. It is good to choose in accordance with the content of your app, its target, and your budget. When apps use Google Admob to get users, they frequently use promotion ads. With its very important integrations, different ad formats and methods, Google Admob is generally the first preferred network.


Did you know that YouTube is the most searched content on Google? Even if you do not know, it is okay not to be surprised when you learn. YouTube, the world's most popular video content site, is a search machine just as successful as Google. In fact, it is known to be the world’s biggest search engine after Google. You can rest assured that such a successful site in the matter of video content and search engine is the right ad network. You can make extraordinary variety of combinations as a targeting option. There are tons of content for you to make the best of YouTube as an ad network.


There are some biases in social media that TikTok may be the guiltiest pleasure. It seems like these thoughts are just biases. TikTok continues to grow rapidly. It can be the right ad network for you with the fact that it is a creative video content-oriented site and high user interaction. TikTok’s target audience varies a lot by countries. You can profile TikTok users specific to countries and plan high- efficiency ads for your target audience. Remember that bias cannot stand in front of the speed of change. TikTok is an ad network that you need to take seriously.


Did you know that generation Z makes a difference also for ad networks? Snapchat is the easiest way to reach them! The target audiences of the apps in many different categories can be the gen Z. Because we can say that this target audience is really big for the app industry. Snapchat is a good choice. It may not feel right to allocate a budget for more than one social media network. Remember that the important thing is not what the ad network is. What matters is where your target audience is. As Snapchat has a different social media concept, its ads are prepared in accordance with this platform. Organize creative ads for your target audience.


We have told you that determining the target audience of your app is the most important step on ad network selection. What you hear about Pinterest’s way different target audience may surprise you. Did you know that 52% of generation Y in the USA use Pinterest? In the USA, 89% of users of this network, which has 300 million users, use Pinterest without shopping. Discover Pinterest if it is good enough for your target audience. The secret of ad networks are in your target audience.


We can say that Vungle is the most fun among ad networks! Think of it this way, as a company, they start to work by giving a sublime initiative and responsibility to their designers and artists. Companies that have internally built a culture have always been more creative. We can say that it is the same for ad networks, as well. Create creative content with Vungle, set customized goals, and reach your iOS & Android users.


It is a highly preferred ad network by publishers with its outstanding video and media support. It shines out with its Instant-Play HD video ad feature. You can get high interaction with this quality of media and video content. The integration of quality video content with iOS and Android is quite successful. Determining target audience features are as successful as social media networks. You can set demographic targets. It is good to mention that AdColony is also known as Opera Mediaworks. Such that, they announced this partnership in 2014.


Using machine learning to reach your target users sounds great, right? AppLovin filters categories by using machine learning. Thus, you can get a lot of downloads by reaching your target users efficiently. Adjust and AppLovin has joined forces as a mobile measurement partner. Have no doubt that you will get a good analytical support. AppLovin says that it reaches more than 400 million active users a day across the world, thanks to its strong structure from the point of analytics and algorithms. It may be the right ad network for you!


You can start using Chartboost by integrating just one SDK. First of all, we can say that it has a practical use. It is an ad network that is highly used by game developers like Unity. Chartboost cross-promotion campaigns are one of the most preferred methods by game developers.


ironSource is a platform that consists of two basic solution. The first of these is for app developers, and the second one is for telecom operators. As ironSource launch your app as an ad intelligence platform, it can support you while making money and growing. In other words, if you are in any step of app development, it is possible to get support from ironSource. ironSource's solution for Telecom operators provides lifelong support. Grow step by step with ironSource! An ad intelligence platform carefully formed for you.

Create affordable mobile advertising strategies by analyzing the most popular and frequently used ad networks. Remember that ads will get you downloads when they meet the right users.