A well-defined ASO strategy is the primary key to success. It does not matter if you have enough marketing budget to grow or can not afford marketing costs. To grow organically, you should always have your powerful ASO business path. That's why the interest in ASO is increasing, and that's why companies have started to publish job positions for ASO. First, we will give tips about who will fit your business, how to choose these people, and how you should lead them for good teamwork. Then, let's see what comes next!

First, you must understand how ASO fits your business's path before creating your team. You should be aware the people that you will hire should maximize your business ASO potential. There are two ways for the structure to help you to make a choice.

One of them is cross-functional roles. Every department in this structure has ASO responsible; this employee does not have to focus only on the ASO part. They can have multiple job definitions, and they can contain ASO parts. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of this structure;

  • Employees can combine the ASO with other tasks, and focus on ASO strategy can be maximum.
  • The missions are clear, and multiple skills development can grow. Various skills can be turned into disadvantages from time to time. Projects can be slower, or not getting an expert in one department can be distractable.

The other structure is almost opposite of the first one. This structure says that you should create a team all about ASO. They should be independent of different departments, and they should be experts on ASO. Of course, this company way has advantages and disadvantages too;

  • Creating a team of experts for one department can be much more beneficial to the business strategy.
  • As they are all about ASO, they can always track what is new on the App store and Google play and direct the strategy correctly.
  • Besides these advantages, it will be hard to merge other departments with ASO, and also, outside of the ASO, topics will not catch the rhythm with this ASO team.,

As you see, both structures have advantages and disadvantages. When you choose according to your company's path, you can decide which persona can impact and be beneficial for your business. First, you should define the skills you are looking for. Let's see common skills for a powerful ASO team.

Data Analysis side

Data analysis is fundamental for almost all ASO-related fields because it is crucial to recognize and understand the data points that will guide your ASO job. In this case, data mining knows where to get specific data from and is aware of how store consoles and external programs analyze things. Therefore, by specifically looking for these skills, you can prevent drawing incorrect or insufficient inferences from the data you get.

Marketing & Design

As you know, marketing design departments are close and dependent on each other. They should work with rhythm so there can be creative work. They can be combined easily. The marketing department decides which part of the product should focus on in the market, and the design and creative team can help shine this part on the market and get the potential customer's attention. If we think outside of the ASO, people who are experienced in Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and PR agencies can be beneficial too. They have paid user experience and in-store, especially in IOS, you can build a strategy to inspire advanced social media marketing hints.

Product Management

Having someone skilled in product management or even engineering can be very helpful to understand and quickly resolve issues around Android product vitals, identify priorities among user review topics, implement a user review prompt at the right moment in the user journey, or test App Clips as a new acquisition method if your focus in ASO starts shifting to retention and referral issues.

Let's take a quick look at other steps. First, you should be aware that ASO is so changeable and innovative. The people that you have hired should adapt to this freshness. But, of course, not every update in IOS and Google play will affect your business directly.

You should be aware that every organization in your business impacts your ASO strategy. Therefore, the company's most important need is to prioritize the ASO, and these related departments can help and maximize opportunities.

Lastly, one of the ASO expert roles should be a supportive source for other departments. For example, it can help user and market research with analysis and optimization.