When trying to grow an app, you may get lost in all data, metrics, and tools. If you want to find alternative ways, this blog is a perfect fit for you! Have you ever thought about social media? Can it be useful? If yes, how can it be possible for your app? Mainly we will try to answer these questions in this text. If you are using social media rarely, this article will be helpful for you. As you may know, many businesses -e-commerce, apps, or any other business- grow by using social media; why you can not be one of them! Let's see the tricks and get our treads for the business part!

Is it necessary to have social media accounts for app growth?

We could not underrate the impact of social media on people. It is almost new to our lives, but we have adapted very quickly, a growing trend every day. If you want to be part of this growth, you should take your seat.

Social media means creativity and visibility. That's why it is one of the most important places that show yourself! According to the data, most social media users search for brands on these platforms. This means that when people can reach you easily, you can have a strong connection with them. For another step, there will be loyalty between your business and them.

When you share content on social media, it can be spread out among people. For example, when you share something from your business account, if it is remarkable, it can be shared by others, and you can reach so many potential users organically. And also, it is not the only benefit; these sharings can positively contribute to the Google algorithm. In other words, Google considers this activity as a "trust" that people value your online content and are eager to share it. The material regarding your app will be quicker indexed as a consequence, increasing the likelihood that it will rank higher.

According to marketers, users are more inclined to download or talk about your app after interacting with it seven times. Therefore, social media shares are a fantastic approach to reaching clients from various perspectives. Therefore, social media app marketing makes a lot of sense when your primary goal is to increase app traffic.

When we mention "social media," you should not think of only Instagram or Facebook. Nowadays, there are so many popular social media channels that people are interested in and using. Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest are the other important channels through that you can create content.

Tips to Make a Great Social Media Marketing

Create a Persona

First, like every business, you should create a persona that suits your app. Like; What is their age? What are they doing for a living? What do they like? These questions will help to determine the person that you want to reach. In other words, maybe you have already created your potential user characteristics, but social media needs can be different. So you should answer these questions considering people and conditions on social media. A little note to take, B2B and B2C brands are luckier in social media marketing. So when you are creating your audience, you should consider the fact.

  • Another step should be to determine the social media channel on that you will be active. We have mentioned a lot of different channels with different contents. You should be aware of which one will provide the best benefit for your business. You can track your target audience and decide the channel. For this stage, you can also track your competitors, too. But the most secure way is to test every channel with creative content; of course, you need more time and effort for this.
  • You need to keep your stability on your social media account; frequency is the main thing to get people's interest all the time. Continuity of the posts is the key.

Also, you should consider your user's locations and time differences when you are making your time schedule.

  • One of the important things about social media marketing is uniqueness. This is related to experience and also about how into our business deeply. When creating posts, you shouldn't focus on sales because these platforms' primary purpose is to present people with good quality content, not sales.
  • The last step is to analyze your insights deeply. This will guide you perfectly; you should pay attention to the numbers. Which post get people's attention, or after which post people have shared you? After a while, you will put your marketing strategy in order. Little note to take, every low number does not mean the content is terrible; it is not just for the right audience. You should keep trying to find your correct target!