So many things are written down for ASO but do you want to dig in and learn hidden features of this new science? If you are interested in ASO or want to grow your business in stores, this article is a perfect fit for you! ASO has so many more specific hits and details than it looks. In addition, we have some tips to make your job easier and create a different perspective for you.

First, talk about keywords. It is the main thing that you should do it properly and analyze every word in a detailed way. Have you ever been curious that plural and singular keywords affect your rank? Let's learn it together.

The Effects of Singular and Plural Keywords

It is usually believed that since an app should be indexed for both and rank identically on both versions, there is no need to target both the single and plural forms of a term. How closely do they actually compare, though, and how can you choose which type to use?

When we have done some research, half of the apps' rankings are singular half of them are plural. There are no significant differences between countries, but there is a difference between App Store and Google Play. In Google Play, this situation is more different than in IOS. When you enter singular or plural keywords, don't expect for the same results as IOS. Higher keyword volume means higher visibility, so you must determine your strategy according to the App Store and Google Play separately.

App owners are more likely to include the exact keyword (single or plural) in their metadata when a keyword is more popular. They are more likely to include an exact match because those high-volume keywords are being searched more frequently. Additionally, it may be assumed that the volume difference between the singular and plural keywords will have a greater or lesser impact on the search results. But it doesn't seem to be the case.

ASO in Holidays: Turn Special Days Into A Unique ASO Hack

Nowadays, we can find a special day to celebrate almost every day! Of course, we did not mean updating your ASO strategy for every holiday or special day, but you can use them to affect your visibility. We know that every update we have made on holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas, and Easter affects the app's ASO positively. What about if you have an app for pets? You can use "World Cats Day" which is already so popular on social media. Or, if you have a dating app, you can use Valentine's Day to get more engagements. You can think about which popular special date is related to your app, and you can integrate it.

Regarding these updates, you should be careful about how they affect your users and how do they act? Some of them find these changes refreshing, but some may not like them and think of a common marketing strategy.

When we dig into the metadata on holidays, you can add some holiday keywords like easter, x-mas, etc. Researches show that this strategy can increase your rank, but you should not forget that it is a competitive world, so always remember that you may not get the conversion that you have expected.

Find the Best Country for Your App and Localize Your Keywords

Knowing your position in each of your many markets can positively affect your business plan. Regardless of the nation, you undoubtedly have a list of keywords you want to watch. Brand-named keywords or terms that are inextricably linked to your application.

Making sure you analyze the appropriate keywords across all of the different countries should be your initial step in our keywords section. Then, you can create a report with a related word and track your popularity in countries. For example, if you have a game about puzzles, you can search puzzles on Storespy and create a report most easily!

If you are in non-English speaker markets, always remember that people intend to use their native language rather than English. Integrating your app in their native language can increase your rate for your popular country! Do not think that it is hard work; there are so many ways to translate your app easily, but the best way is the professional translation of your app's short and long description instead of automatic. If you want this strategy to affect your conversion positively, the title and short description should be manually translated.

You can find the link below for more detailed information on Localization.

Why Culturalization is key to Localization?
Localizing your app can create a high impact on app growth. If you want to present your app globally, you should research different strategies according to the culture.