Every product's ratings have greatly impacted purchasing and trade in the last decade. Even people can rate other people, and this can affect our behavior. We can say that ratings and reviews of any product or services have a big role in our lives, which is also important in the app world. If you want a positive impact on your daily downloads, reviews and ratings are the best way to create it. According to research, most potential users purchase or install apps after checking reviews and ratings. We will try to give tips on what kind of these reviews are and how you should take action and control them.

For the first step, you should respond to every review since they are feedback from current users. In this way, you can be aware of the user experience of your product, and also, you can understand what your product needs and what users want better.

You can also focus on your competitor's reviews as well. You can track what is your app's strongest area and manage to compare it with your app.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to reply to all of the reviews regularly to create a stronger relationship with your clients. They can think of themselves and their opinions as valuable for you and your business, so this can also create good feedback. You might turn bad ratings into good ones if you look interested and caring. As we all know, a bad rating impacts your average score and also your visibility directly.

Until now, we have mentioned why you should focus and give effort to these reviews. The next topic of this article will be which strategies you should follow according to the review.

Give a Priority

You should take a look at the reviews and make a prioritized list. Some negative reviews or haven't been answered reviews can be top of the list.

Non-automatic Replies

Creating automatic replies can be easier, but the main purpose of replying to these reviews, show people's opinions are valuable. So we suggest you read every review one by one and reply to them individually.

The Problem Solver

When you receive a negative review, you should let the user know that you are working on the problem, which will be sorted out soon. After you have solved the problem and created an updated version, you can announce it. In this way, you improve your relationship with current users, and also, it will be good marketing for the potential user.

We will also give you tips about how to decrease the negative reviews to the minimum. Of course, solving users' problems is a good impression, but a less negative view is better.

First, you can ask for feedback from your current users. The trick of this strategy is that you should manage the timing well and not insist on it. You can request them to share their experience with reviews, and most of the comments or ratings will be positive due to you getting in touch with clients person to person.

Second, you must be sure that good reviews are highlighted and visible in your Store. When a lead visit your Store, the good comments must get attention. Let's show you how you will do that in App Store and Google Play.

  • On the App Store, you can track your first best six comments in the "Most Helpful" section. If your employees upvote these positive reviews, the App store will boost these to the top.
  • Featured comments on Google Play may display as "most relevant" or "most current," depending on users. While "most relevant" reviews are chosen by Google's algorithm, "most current" featured reviews only display the most recent three reviews that have been written. Google has not revealed the factors that go into that algorithm, but based on our observations, we can infer that they are likely chosen from reviews that have been published within the last three months in the user's country and based on the length and quantity of keywords related to the review's specific topic.

We are in the last topic of this article which is different types of review. There are three types, and one of them is aggressive review. When you receive an aggressive review, you should be calm and reply to it professionally, even if the comment is not true. You can also connect with the review owner with your support or customer relations team; this will be a positive attitude.

The second type of review is a positive one. These reviews are supportive and get the attention of potential users. Try to get these reviews visible on your Store as it will be a good impression.

As a bonus, we can mention keywords in your comment replies. If you use the keywords which have been chosen for ASO, your visibility on Store will increase. We suggest that you try to use these magical keywords in your replies.