Marketing strategies differ from app to app, but the channels are usually the same. We know that it is hard to survive in between mobile apps competition; that's why you should always keep track of IOS and Google Play updates, and maybe you have to change your strategies according to these updates. It is a long but enjoyable path that you will be in! This article will indicate how to implement in-app events into your marketing strategy.

App Store Improvements; Making Events in iOS 15

First, let's go through what is In-App-Events and what is a benefit to your business. In-App-Events was created in October 2021 by Apple. With this, you can create new content and new challenges. There is an event card containing the name, short description, image, and video. People who are interested in your events can tap this link and reach out quickly.

You can create ten events in App Store, but only five can be published at once. So you must choose an event relevant to your app content. Let's check what could be some of them;

Live events: If you have a soccer app, you can use live content, or if you have a learning app, you can create competition events that encourage users.

New-season: Another type of event is the new season. If you have an update about your app or a new design, the character you can be more effective for the search result.

Premiere: You can impact the new audience with a premier event in the app store. This feature can increase your app's visibility.

Special events: The last event type is the special events that are preferred more likely by game applications.

How to create in-app events on AppStore?

Even if it seems like a hard job, it is not when you follow the proper steps!

First, you should pick a name; the app store allows a maximum of 30 characters. It should reflect of event's purpose. Also, you can use keywords when you determine the name.

The second step is a short description which is a maximum of 50 characters. This step should contain keywords as the first step.

The third step is a long description which is allowed a maximum of 120 characters. This part can be reachable after the customer has been paid.

The fourth step is downloading videos or images. They should be high quality so we can get users' attention and get them into the event. You can note that the videos can be only maximum of 30 seconds. Also, after the customers paid for the event, there should be other videos and images.

How to optimize in-app events properly?

We have analyzed the basic information about In-App Event; now, we will give you some necessary tricks.

  • It would help if you used correct capitalizations. All the words shouldn't be capitalized, and you should avoid punctuation.
  • Regarding your media, try not to use text or logo in it, especially your app or event name.
  • Make your preview interactive; you can support your preview with exciting videos, as mentioned below.
  • Your material should not have any borders or gradients. Crops and gradients are applied to your material automatically to maintain consistency across the App Store.
  • Use comparable colors or art styles on your event card and event details page to establish aesthetic cohesion.
  • Be aware of uniqueness; this feature makes your event more attractive.

The event's short description and name should be optimized with the high-volume keyword. This means that even if the user has never downloaded the app, the event card can be displayed in the search results. As a result, it is recommended that you use relevant, high-volume keywords in the event title and short description to enhance your event's visibility. This will make it easier for new and existing users to find your event.

The long description of in-app events is not used for keyword indexing, but users who tap on the event card can still see it. As a result, the long description can focus on providing more unique facts and information about the event rather than keywords.

Regarding video and images, the text on your event image or video will be white on the event card and event information page. To ensure that the text on the bottom left corner of the event card is readable, avoid utilizing white backgrounds, and bright-colored objects due it will be hard for people to connect to the event. Also, remember that films autoplay and replay, so aim for a continuous loop when preparing event media. You may preview your media and information on the event card and event details page in App Store Connect to ensure that your image, video, and metadata will appear correctly.