Mobile marketers and analysts have praised and adopted App Intelligence and Store Intelligence platforms for assisting them in growing their installed bases through ASO and profiling competitors and investment opportunities through comprehensive app download and revenue estimates for millions of apps.

However, these impressive platforms only represent a part of the mobile landscape.

Who is the biggest spender on mobile advertising?

What campaigns are they running, and how long will they be waging them?

Who has the most "share of voice" across the major mobile advertising networks?

Meeting Ad Intelligence

Online businesses find it challenging to maintain their position as leaders and increase value due to the rapid expansion of advertising channels in the industry that are all competing for revenue from advertising. Gaining visibility into a brand's overall ad success across marketplaces like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc., is challenging for brands. Ad Intelligence Data provides multidimensional granular level views of your and your competitors' ads, comparative pricing, promotions, and product content across all advertising platforms in almost real-time for digital marketing managers, merchandise managers, and ad agencies.

Ad Intelligence is the technique we utilize to capture creative material and provide millions of ad creative impressions from all major networks. You can examine the specific types of creatives your competitors use, the networks on which they publish those creatives, and the apps on which they advertise.

Ad Intelligence allows you to:

  • Monitor both public and private companies' mobile advertising operations.
  • Examine the artistic resources that support effective campaigns.
  • Find the advertising networks that deliver the most impressions to your rivals.
  • To maximize your spending, find publishers running burst campaigns.
  • Determine whether a popular app is powered by free or paid advertising.
  • Keep track of any campaigns that your team, top prospects, or rivals have launched.

Overall Scope of Ad Intelligence

Review the best ad campaigns
Ad Intelligence assists you in analyzing your competitors' most effective ad graphics and videos by displaying the exact advertising they are using. Having access to this ad imagery and video content informs your art direction. It identifies fresh localization trends that you can apply to boost conversion in your campaigns. You may rapidly go down into the parameters of each ad, such as network, device types, resolution, and campaign duration.

Analyze the Ad Network Performance
You may use Ad Intelligence to rapidly examine the distribution of ad impressions across various ad networks for any app. You may also examine the relationship between ad impressions and an app's Top Charts Ranking in the app store to determine whether a rise in the ranking was due to recent ad spending or organic or viral growth. Evaluate your competition's ad expenditure strategy and use it to your advantage when budgeting for your next mobile app install advertising campaign.

Track Burst Campaigns
Many publishers use short-term, aggressive spending to boost app impressions and installations in a specific location. This type of "bursting" activity can raise your prices if you don't know when and where it's happening. Ad Intelligence immediately displays which applications are pushing the most inventory weekly via the Top Advertisers Leaderboard, allowing you to time your campaigns for optimal effect. Do you want to discover who is running burst campaigns across all major networks in Australia? The Impression Leaderboard responds in seconds.

How Ad Intelligence Tool Improves ROI

Improved Brand Strategy
Ultimately, ad intelligence solutions provide your brand with real-world insights that yield real-world benefits. You will be able to observe how various channels, creatives, and placements perform. These insights can then influence brand strategy to achieve the best results with the least amount of money spent.

Competitive Intelligence
Using ad intelligence software is similar to spying on your competitor. You'll be able to see where your brand's competitors are advertising, what kind of campaigns they're running, and how much money they're spending. This information can be utilized to inform your advertising plan, compete more aggressively, or leverage previously unknown advertising possibilities.

Ad Transparency
Ad intelligence tool is also utilized to provide greater transparency into your advertisements. You'll be able to control where and how your money is spent (direct and indirect). This information can give you negotiating power with ad inventory providers.

Profits from Unused Advertising Space
Ad intelligence can help you uncover new advertising opportunities by indicating where products can be advertised across platforms where competitors can be seized. You can receive competitive information on pricing, promotions, and availability that you can use to boost your sales. Ad intelligence helps you compare your brand's efficacy and presence across platforms and identify new opportunities to advertise your products.

As a result, with superior advertising intelligence, you can advance your advertising plan and keep up with your competitors. Ad intelligence tools' data may provide brands with great insight into their advertising operations as well as the actions of competitors, giving your brand's digital advertising a powerful and significant competitive advantage. You can access tried-and-true plans, tactics, and capabilities and use the strategic insight supplied by Ad Intelligence platform data to take decisive, strategically favorable decisions to beat the competition.