Lensa, created by Prisma Labs, is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms due to its ability to transform ordinary selfies into polished, professional photos. With various photo editing filters and techniques, Lensa makes it easy to touch up portrait selfies and create stunning avatars turning heads on Instagram and other social media sites. Whether you want to blur the background of your selfie, add some sparkle to your eyes, or make any further necessary edits, Lensa has the tools you need to take your selfies to the next level.

Lensa AI became a phenomenon on social media, but it did not happen overnight. The app was first released in 2018 and has been popular ever since, but it reached the #1 Overall spot when it caught the AI train well. This success took four years of hard work and dedication. This is not the first photo application from Prisma Labs; they also have a photo editing app called Prisma, which was released in 2016. The name of the company is Prisma Labs.

How to Create a "Magic Avatar"

The "Magic Avatars'' feature of the Lensa app is responsible for viral images on social media. You will need to download the Lensa app to try it out.

A yearly subscription to the app, which also offers photo editing, costs $35.99. You can also try the app for a week for free before committing to a subscription.

There is a fee to create magical avatars. If you have a subscription or are using the free trial, you can get 50 avatars for $3.99, 100 for $5.99, or 200 for $7.99.

For the best results, Lensa recommends that users submit 10-20 selfies with various backgrounds, facial expressions, and angles. Close-up shots of your face should be included. The app is only recommended for people aged 13 and up.

According to the app's privacy policy, it employs TrueDepth API technology and uses "face data" provided by users to "train our algorithms to perform better and show you better results."

The app generates sexualized images for some women.

Some users have reported experiencing difficulties while using the Lensa app. Even if the photos they upload are fully clothed and primarily close-ups of their face, the app may return many images with implied or actual nudity.

One of the most confusing images may be a version of your face on a naked body. There may also be photos showing you nude but with a blanket strategically placed, or the image may be cropped to conceal anything explicit. Additionally, even when you are fully clothed, many photos may feature a seductive facial expression, significant cleavage, and revealing clothing that does not match the submitted images.

There is a concern that artificial intelligence technology like that used by Lensa could be used to create "revenge porn" or naked images of people without their consent. For some users, the output from the app is a sign of the "complete lack of content moderation" on the app. These users advocate for more oversight of AI apps like Lensa.

Lensa AI's success drives the popularity of AI art apps on the App Store's Top Charts.

Lensa, a photo and video app has been consistently among the top three in the US App Store's Photo & Video category over the past month. Its popularity has a ripple effect on other AI art apps, such as Meitu-Photo Editor & AI Art, currently ranked at number 10. This app allows users to create anime-style photos with a single tap. FacePlay AI Art Generator, which offers a variety of art styles including pure mixed, sexy cat, and cyberpunk, among others, as well as cartoon styled like the devil and romantic couple, currently sits at number 16. Other top 100 AI art apps in the Photo & Video category of the US App Store include:

Prequel: AI Art Avatar Editor (17th Place)
Remini - AI Photo Enhancer (39th Place)
Bazaart: AI Art & Photo Editor (49th Place)
Pixelcut: AI Graphic Design (52nd Place)
Pixelup - AI Photo Enhancer (62nd Place)
Inspired: Magic Avatar, AI Art (80th Place)
Voi - AI Avatar App by Wonder (100th Place)