In our previous article, we explained in detail the App Store Optimization methods for iOS devices. In this article we will explain the ASO methods for the largest app store. Yes, Google Play is the largest app store with over 2.5 million apps.

Although ASO rules have common suggestions for all stores, we don’t neglect the important differences between stores. That’s why we will examine all ASO criteria for Google Play Store in detail.

App Title: The Strongest Ranking Factor

App title is the strongest ranking factor in all app stores. Google Play allows you to set a title up to 50 characters. App title, which can be at most 30 characters long in App Store, reaches almost 2 times that of iOS in Google Play. Make good use of this advantage in app title, which is the most important metric, in Google Play. We have some suggestions for it:

  1. Create content integrity with keywords. Do not use 50 characters just like the keyword field. The app title, which consists of meaningless keywords listed one after another, always bothers users. Make sure that you use keywords by providing content integrity, and it is relevant to your app.
  2. Give it prominence if you rely on your brand name. If your target market knows your brand, you can feature it only. Featuring your brand without using too many keywords is the most preferred method in this field.
  3. Call the users just with a short phrase. Using this space with your app name and a short phrase has become quite popular! With a use just like in the title of this paragraph, you can impress your users.
  4. Do not make deceptive titles. Do not use words that are irrelevant to your app and your content. You may think that your app will be downloaded by using words in great demand in this method. Even if your app is downloaded, users will leave it when they see a different content.

Description: The Most Different Field of Play Store

When we explain ASO factors for iOS, we emphasized that it is different from SEO again and again. As you know, SEO is Google’s optimization method for web. With a very similar method in the Google Play Store, we can say that the description is quite important for ASO. We have some suggestions for using the Google Play description, where you have 4000 characters, efficiently.

  1. Remember the importance of keywords. We have talked about the similarities with SEO. Use keywords, the most important factor of SEO, efficiently for description. Reuse keywords three or at most five times that you deem significant to affect rankings.
  2. Simplify your description by using bullets. It is always more enjoyable to read a text simplified by bullets than a long paragraph.
  3. Simply explain the most different and persuasive aspects of your app to your users by using CTA.

App Icon and Screenshots: Your Appearance

Your app icon appears first in the store, on phones and on lists, that is, everywhere. You know this much prominent feature is an important factor that affects users. Otherwise, many brands do not change their app icon frequently, right? The best of App Icons usually do not contain caption. A catchy icon compatible with your content is the best choice. Get inspired by following the current icons and changes of the brands.

Screenshots are the most important part for many of your users. We explained this in detail in our article for iOS. Remember, many of the users decide to download the app just by looking at the screenshots after searching for the app they need. We have some suggestions for the most accurate screenshots:

  1. Prioritize. Put the images of the most important parts of your app in order and explain on the screenshot with a short text. This text should be an emphasis on the part of your app.
  2. Conduct an A/B test. Do a test to find the most accurate one in this field that your users often look at. After enough tests and competitor analysis, you will find the most accurate screenshot.
  3. Give it prominence differently and simply. You do not have to explain all the features of your app as a screenshot. Highlight it in its simplest form by emphasizing your different features.

Developer Name and URL: Lesser Known ASO Factors

You are only allowed to get a URL for your app once. You cannot change it. When you observe your strong competitors, you will realize that they care about these two lesser known details. Sorting successive keywords for your app's URL will affect it positively. Pay attention that developer names are located in the foreground under the app title in Play Store. You can benefit from here by using your name and a few keywords. Google may give developers prominence from time to time. Use some short keywords compatible with your content in your developer name.

Promo Video: First Experience

Featured video is your users' first experience with your app. Here, explaining your content or a short walk in your app may be the right choice. As the video comes from the YouTube link that you uploaded directly, you increase the number of video views thanks to the store. With the increase in the number of views on YouTube, you will have optimization extending from the store to Google.

Rating & Reviews: Be up-to-date!

As a user, remember that you always give a look at the ratings and reviews of the apps. Yes, all users generally analyze them and get foreknowledge. Remember that Google editors features high- rated apps. Getting a high rating is a factor that is highly considered by both your users and Play Store. Improve your app consistently. Remember that it is quite difficult to give a good score to a content that gives errors over and over and stays the same. Be sensitive to your users. Negative comments are as important as positive ones. See these as opportunities to improve your app and take action. Communicate with users. Give feedback on the improvement you have made.

Localization: A Most to Compete

Remember that you are developing your product for end users. If you were B2B focused, only English would be sufficient. The end user is more challenging on this subject. Identifying your target country and users is a good way to start. Because working for all languages requires high costs. Localizations made with the right analysis directly affect your growth process. There are even developers who get support from their users for this!

Google Play App Store Optimization is quite different than doing ASO for the Apple App Store. Boost your app's in the google play store ranking and visibility with the best method.