APCOA Connect – Parking

APCOA Connect – Parking

The smart way to park & charge

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3.7 (18.1K)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The smart way to park & charge
Use APCOA Connect for your seamless car parking experience. Download the application and pay for your parking from the convenience of your App.  

Pay for Parking – Find Your Nearest Car Park by Search or Map Function
You can now search, book and pay for your parking with a few clicks. You can also extend parking via the App. 

Pay for Electric Vehicle Charging - Find Your Nearest EV Charge Point via Map Function
You can now search and find your nearest EV charge point via the Map function. You can start, stop and pay for your EV charging session directly via the App.

Manage Your Account
The App also has a range of “Manage Account” functions allowing you add or change your registered payment card, add or delete your vehicle information, extend your parking session, access your VAT receipts and have access to a range of tailored rewards and benefits.

Contact Us
Frequently Asked Questions - Please see our help pages at https://www.apcoaconnect.com/faqs
Any other enquiries please contact customer services via the “Contact Us” feature within the App.

APOCA Connect is available in over 300 UK locations.  It is fast becoming a driving force within the Cashless Parking Market place.  EV Charging is growing as we rollout EV Chargers across the UK

Error when registering

Can’t say much about the app in general as I’ve been unable to register. I’m connected to my home WiFi and I’ve also tried mobile data which are both working perfectly fine for other apps, but I keep getting a network error (8192) when accepting the T&C.

kpil93Mon, Feb 26, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Parking facism

Just enforced pain, sick and tired.

Jono TesholaMon, Feb 26, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Terrible, flaky parking app

Lots of issues - don’t think it has actually ever worked. Latest issue is that it has decided it needs more credit card information from me due to consumer regulations- even if I am not paying using the card and am trying to use Apple Pay instead. Pity there’s no alternative when this is required - I guess it shows.

TonySBHSun, Feb 25, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Not user friendly

This is the worst parking app to sign up. Not that you have any choice. I had to download it at York station. Thankfully I had half an hour before my train. First of all you’re invited to scan the QR code. OK, where’s the code. It’s on a sign a metre and a half above my head. FFS. Then the sign up process needs more information than any other parking app I’ve used. You have to enter your phone number twice, then your email twice, then your home address, then your credit card number. Once that’s done and you want to pay it asks you if you want to use Applepay. FFS. Who programmed this and why do they need so much personal information. None of the other apps need as much.

777agegbxdeSun, Feb 25, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Dated annoying app

Dated app super annoying to use. In a train station card park, have to register with all my life’s details. Then manually enter card details which it didn’t accept for two goes, then once you have entered them it offers you apple pay!! Only after all that faff. Then payment failed because parking time is in the past. Yes because i have spent 10 minutes signing up. Terrible service, other parking apps are so much better.

Arnold d destroyerSun, Feb 25, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Defaults to last price paid

I don’t like that the app tries to get you to pay more than you need to. Previously I’ve paid when the session should have been free. This time it was inviting me to pay for up to 4 hours when I should only pay an up to one hour charge. Check the detail because it’s too easy to pay too much when you’re in a rush.

Su mmerFri, Feb 23, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

As you need to give your phone number to register

Zero stars if I could. Actually given the recent experience. Negative 5. Utter garbage.

itsallgonepearshapedThu, Feb 22, 2024
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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Wed, Feb 14, 2024
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What's New
2 weeks ago
Improved EV charging functionality. Additional upgrades / bug fixes.

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