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Your trips in 1 overview
OVpay is THE new way of checking in and out in public transport. This is the app that goes with it, offering you an overview of all your trips. Make an expense overview in a swift. Want to see live whether you checked in or out? Check the app. Forgotten to check in or out? Adjust it in the app. And quickly recognize your added pass in the app? Give it a color and text of your own. You never have to search again. Of course, we'll keep expanding the app with useful functions. 

Do you have a good idea or something you think we could improve? Use the feedback button in the app.

Have you ever traveled with your debit card, credit card or mobile in public transport? Then this app is something for you! The advantages:
•	During your trip, you can see whether you have checked in or out.
•	Forgotten to check in or out? You adjust that in the app.
•	You can refer back to your journeys and travel expenses in an overview, right up to 18 months back.
•	Compile an expense claim and receive it in your mailbox as a PDF.
•	Make your added pass recognizable by giving it a color and/or text.

How to join:
•	Before you can use the app, make a trip on a train, bus, tram or metro.
•	Choose your way of checking in and out. With your debit card, credit card or your mobile.
•	Have you travelled by public transport in the Netherlands? Great. Download this app.
•	You need an account to use all the functions in the app. Do not panic; we’ll guide you through it step by step.
•	You’ve got an account. You’ve made your first trip. And your new way of checking in and out has been added. Now you can use all the features in the app.
•	Happy traveling!

What is OVpay?
OVpay is an initiative of all the carriers in the Netherlands: Arriva, Connexxion, EBS, GVB, HTM, Keolis, NS, Qbuzz, RET, and Transdev together with Translink. And it operates in cooperation with Dutch banks.

This app is part of OVpay; In addition to your ‘OV-chipkaart’ you can currently also check in and out with your debit card, credit card or mobile phone.

Ovpay lets you choose the way you check in and out. However to do this, sometimes we need more information from you. We believe it’s important that you decide for yourself how your personal data is used. And by whom. Our privacy statement (www.ovpay.nl/privacy) explains how we handle your personal data.
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I can even use the card. Every time I get to the step , 'add card', it defaults back to the 'have you traveled with you're debit or credit card before'. When I say no, it says, 'add card' and the cycle repeats.

Kelly Van RijnFri, Nov 3, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Add OV-Chipkaart to app please!

Please can you add the ability to add your yellow personal OV-Chipkaart into this app as well, not just debit/credit cards. This would be such a great feature as sometimes I forget to bring my card with me, but I always have my phone. It’s a great back up plan and just plain makes sense overall. I have a subscription with my chipkaart that gives me discounts.. I would love to also use my subscription by only scanning my phone. Is this possible? Make it happen please!!

Ryan Herr MusicWed, Oct 25, 2023
United StatesUnited States

UI blows

Your UI to add a bank card put me in an endless loop. It’s makes no sense to “have” to reevaluate before adding a bank card. Makes the app useless to mela

laz27347373647Thu, Jun 15, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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1 week ago
We tweaked some things that are probably too small to notice. But the app should work a bit better now.

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