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Train smarter and get better with the bat sensor technology used by nearly all the MLB teams. Simply attach the Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer or Personal Swing Trainer*** to any standard bat and your iPad or iPhone will do the rest. Record video of your swings in the Blast Baseball app* and the patented Smart Video Capture ™ technology will automatically identify your swings, clip your video, and overlay your swing metrics, synchronized at impact. (Bat Speed, Time to Contact, Attack Angle, etc.) With the 3D Swing Tracer, you can replay and analyze your swing path instantly. Live mode provides real-time feedback, allowing you to visualize your swing, make adjustments, and see the results. Compare your swing videos side-by-side or send them to a coach for further analysis.

Players with a Personal Swing Trainer can get started with the Blast solution. This player-only experience helps you build a better swing by focusing on swing speed and swing path through a simplified experience.

Players and coaches with a Swing Analyzer*** and Blast Connect** or Premium Services** account can utilize the app’s advanced functionality to automatically assess every swing for swing quality, providing insights in three areas that all great hitters possess: plane, connection, and rotation. Insights make it simple for coaches to evaluate players for recruitment and player development, with recommendations and drills for improvement. Coaches can also streamline coaching feedback through Mobile Video Analysis with voice-over recording and video markup tools.

Ball Flight analysis** provides many key features of a professional launch monitor, without the expense, and you can use it anywhere you use Blast Baseball with just your iPhone or iPad. The app auto-clips and analyzes real-time video to provide Launch Angle, ball speed Exit Velocity, and Estimated Distance. Get real-time feedback and identify important performance trends with ball flight spray charts and session reports. When used with a Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer***, get a complete view of your swing with both pre-impact swing analysis and post-impact ball flight results, enabling you to see the relationship between cause and effect to enhance your training. You’ll get pre- and post-impact insights**, along with recommendations and drills for improvement. (Supported on the Swing Analyzer. See for the list of devices that support the ball flight feature.)

The Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer and Personal Swing Trainer*** are highly accurate, advanced 3D motion capture systems that record your swings. They use Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to your iPhone or iPad. There’s no need to alter your natural swing. The Swing Analyzer / Personal Swing Trainer know when to dynamically power-up the patented motion detection algorithms to capture your metrics in real-time. They even store data on the Swing Analyzer / Personal Swing Trainer when your mobile device is out of range and download your actions to the Blast app as soon as you reconnect.

With the Blast Baseball app* coaches, parents, and players of all ages can gain the insights they need to improve their swing and gain the competitive edge.

* The Blast Baseball app requires the Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer or Personal Swing Trainer and the Blast bat attachment to collect data. The app currently supports English language and Imperial measurements.

** Requires a Blast Connect and Premium Services account and Swing Analyzer to provide advanced app, player, and coaching functionality. Blast Connect is an information and player management platform that features data trending, advanced reporting, roster management, mobile video analysis, and more.

*** The Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer / Personal Swing Trainer, charger, and bat attachment are sold as packages. Separate purchase required – available from
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Used to be good

I’ve had our sensor for several seasons, now they want to charge extra for everything.

Shaggy2sakMon, Oct 24, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Does not open

I switched from Easton Power Sensor App to the new Blast App. It will not open. It acts like it is open ring and then just disappears. It did let me put in my username and password the first time. Then it asked for access to Bluetooth, which I allowed. Then it disappeared. And will not open any longer. I uninstalled the app and re installed. Still does not work. Any help out there? Thanks, Rick

SoftballDad52Sat, Aug 27, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Poor application

I want to like this app and service but I can’t. The service has a lot of promise and the data it collects can be very useful but it doesn’t do much good when the app is so unstable. I have lost a lot of video on more than one occasion and the only suggestion from the company is to delete and reinstall the app. The interface is not particularly intuitive and it is very unstable while In use. It is also very curious to me that the app is written for iOS but the web version (which is needed for a number of things) does not work on Safari. This still needs a lot of work.

umterps94Thu, Apr 14, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Terrible product terrible app

Sensor doesn’t cx via Bluetooth and when it finally does doesn’t record any swing data. I took a hammer to my sensor to put it out of its misery

blast is trashSun, Apr 10, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Cool device… terrible app

The device is great and the feedback is super helpful - when it works. I spend as much time trying to get the app to start, restarting it when it freezes and trying to get the videos to upload as I do swinging the bat.

BallprkratSat, Dec 4, 2021
United StatesUnited States

App won’t open

Love what this has done for my swing! The only problem is the app itself will crash causing me to have to delete and re download, which means some of my swings aren’t uploaded to the cloud

lopey316Fri, Aug 20, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Videos no longer upload to blast Connect

Whatever was done to the last update broke the auto video processing and upload to Blast Connect from my latest gen iPad Air. Please revert back to the previous version before this latest update.

nemtnaWed, May 12, 2021
United StatesUnited States
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Mar 29, 2023
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What's New
6 days ago
Release 5.14 Update
NEW Blast Game - Blast Off! (**)
* Another way to have some fun! The sky is the limit in this new game as you use the power of your Bat Speed to try to launch Blast Man to the moon.  If you have a GEN 3 Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer, you can even use Air Swings mode to play it anywhere.

Other Enhancements & Improvements
* Now it’s even easier to get started with your Blast Swing Analyzer!  The Getting Started experience lets you focus on your swing speed and swing path through a simplified app experience.  You can switch to the full app experience whenever you’re ready for more.
* Other usability improvements
* Exterminated some bugs

(**) Requires a Blast Baseball Personal Swing Trainer or a GEN 3 Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer.

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