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Info-FOMO is real: you leave 65% of information behind in class.

And no wonder! The volume and speed of the information that you receive makes it harder to learn.  

Glean note taking boosts your ability to learn and build knowledge from class. 

Follow our note taking process to record audio notes and then identify and summarise key information more effectively. 

Just BYOB (that’s Bring Your Own Brain - we’ve got the rest)
Use our step-by-step process to take brief notes and review on-the-go with your mobile companion app, then sync with our web app to make your notes more meaningful. 

On our mobile app you can: 

Capture information
- Record your class so nothing is missed
- Highlight key information to return to 
- Sync seamlessly with the web app to add slides 

Refine the important parts 
- Return to the highlighted sections
- Listen again and improve your notes 
- Understand your next steps 

Integrate into your studies
- Regularly revisit to absorb information
- Download your notes to review them anywhere 
- Organise into a library of useful information 

We’re continually adding new features to help improve your learning, so keep checking in for updates.
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Needs pencil integration

I have an account through my university for ADA Accommodations, however, I use my iPad and Apple Pencil for all my notes so I haven’t been able to really use this app since there is no pencil integration.

Cash1129Thu, Sep 21, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Making Glean better

If we could edit the transcripts that would really help with clarity as Glean doesn’t always pick up what is being said accurately. Even if we could save and download the transcripts so we could fix it ourselves, that would be absolutely stellar. If you guys could achieve that then this app would definitely be a five star experience in my book.

Miss CryptonicWed, Sep 13, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Why no transcription?

I had given up on glean, and then I saw that you could transcribe and include slides, and I came back for the new semester, ready to try again. But I come to find out the transcription service is only available in the web app. Despite my iPad having 6gb ram and 2.49 gHz, I can’t transcribe. I don't even know if I could view the transcriptions afterwards on my iPad if I put the time in to go to the library to use a computer to transcribe. It’s not a usefool tool when I have 15 hours a week of transcribed audio and no quick way to go through it. For over a year I have tried to make it work for me. Transcription would save this tool for me, yet Glean doesn’t seem to want to make that an option for all learners, despite transcription coming out months ago.

ukeabooWed, Aug 23, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Can we please download our notes as whole files?

Speech to text is nice, but wish it was available to see on iPhones, as I use that more than computers. I have been searching for a way to download the audio and text notes together (or at all). I want take the notes I make to use in future classes. Will this ever be a feature? Re-recording the audio, copy/pasting the transcripts and then my actual notes isn’t the same if they aren’t put together.

MjgiraffeWed, Mar 29, 2023
United StatesUnited States

app not functional

newest update causes the app to crash immediately on startup

appled sauceThu, Feb 16, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Fantastic Structure and Support for an ADHD Student.

TLDR; The app seems to be more user friendly and not finicky on non-apple devices. The app is fantastic for people who are easily distracted in class or people who forget assignments often. If you have ADHD, it is a must try. 5/5. As a university student with an ADHD diagnosis, this app is a must have. A lot of the negative reviews seem to be about the app malfunctioning with apple products. I use the app regularly on my laptop and I have used it a handful of times on my android without a problem. I hope that the apple version of the software has been fixed because Glean is a beautifully put together piece of software. I go to class. I import the PowerPoint or pdf for that class. I hit record when the lecture starts and then I am almost forced to pay attention to the lecturer by Gleans layout. There are 3 buttons labeled ‘Important’, ‘review’, and ‘Heading.’ As the professor switches topics or slides, I hit heading and label the new section of notes. I type out the important bits of information and the parts that I think will be on the test I mark with the review button. Lastly, in the same way that I struggle to prioritize my to do lists, I mark way to much information with the important button. But, that is just fine by me because I enjoy reading all of the things that I thought were so important later on when I’m reviewing the lecture for the test. It feels more like a game to me than taking notes. It is much easier to review for exams because all of the information is under a heading and the important parts are typed out. There is also the task button which is how I keep up with my assignments now. A planner has never worked for me and probably never will. As soon as I close the book, I forget that it even exists. But with Glean I just add tasks to the task list, with a date and a time, right when the professor says so. I still forget to check the task list on the weekends but during the week I am forced to look at it every time I open up Glean to take notes. Speaking of, I need to be studying for an anatomy test in 30 minutes. The app is fantastic if you are easily bored or distracted in class and/or if you are as remarkably forgetful as I am.

PsolenTue, Jan 31, 2023
United StatesUnited States

No Apple Pencil support

If you are wanted to wright out notes and record and move a power point you are not able to do so

G$$36Wed, Jan 25, 2023
United StatesUnited States
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In this release we've done some behind-the-scenes bug fixing and made general improvements.

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