Happiest Baby, makers of SNOO

Happiest Baby, makers of SNOO

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The Happiest Baby App is the mobile companion to your Happiest Baby devices. This includes SNOO Smart Sleeper—a safer and more effective baby bed—and SNOObie Smart Soother—the sound machine, nightlight, and sleep trainer.
Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, renowned pediatrician and sleep expert, SNOO intelligently responds to your baby’s needs and, within just days, helps the whole family get more sleep. It calms crying and boosts sleep with the rhythmic sound and motion that babies find so soothing in the womb.
SNOObie is an all-in-one white noise machine and nightlight system! It helps settle your sweetie, keep scaries at bay, teach calming breathing, and create easy-peasy sleep routines. This portable bedtime buddy features customizable nightlight colors and special soothing sounds.
SNOO Features:
SNOO Log: Tracks your baby's sleep every day...automatically.
Alerts: Lets you know if your baby needs more than SNOO's soothing (due to hunger or discomfort).
Remote Control: You can quickly respond to your baby's needs by adjusting SNOO’s levels up and down.
Customize: Pick the best motion and white noise settings for your baby.
Adapt: Lets you boost the level of rhythmic sensation—like riding in a car all night (reduces sleep disruptions from stuffy noses, growth spurts, sleep regressions, teething, etc.)
Easy Weaning: Special setting helps babies learn to sleep without motion, to prepare for moving to a crib.
SNOObie Features:
Connect and have fun with your SNOObie routines! Choose your favorite SNOObie light + sound cues to create up to 4 routines at a time that fit your family. To create a routine, pick your preferred light color, sound, time, and day(s) of the week. Once you save the routine, set it by tapping your device to SNOObie, and your routine will be ready to play when the scheduled day and time arrives.
A Wi-Fi® connection is required to connect the App to your Happiest Baby products. An NFC-enabled device is required to connect the App to SNOObie. For more info, visit HappiestBaby.com or connect with us at [email protected] if you have any questions! 
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Unable to track sleep time after new update

We are unable to manually log sleep time because it says it overlaps with another sleep session but there is no other session.

WPThunder25Sat, May 25, 2024
United StatesUnited States

App No Longer Working Well

Keeps deleting data for babies’ feeds and assigning the wrong feeds to the wrong baby. Very frustrating for newborn parents to twins who are sleep deprived and finding it hard to remember and manually edit/re-enter feeds!!!

badgoogleappFri, May 24, 2024
United StatesUnited States

One problem with the log

Great except one problem where I click into the log and it immediately disappears. I’d like to see the data presented that way, not just on the weekly section. Every time I click the daily log it shows for half a second and then disappears. From the snoo group I’m in on Facebook, this appears to be a common and persistent problem. Every time there’s an update I get hopeful that it’ll be fixed and then it’s not.

briewiththegoodhairThu, May 23, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Many updates later, Still garbage

They added a shortcut to the log “parents love so much” yes, I “love” being able to see the basic data of how long my child’s current session is or when their last session ended. Oh never mind, I still have to “zoom” and click around a bunch to be able to see that. This company does not know or apparently care what parents like. I loved being able to EASILY see the most important details about my child’s sleep and I still can’t. Why they can’t admit they messed up and let us use the Snoo app again, I’ll never understand. I guess they like upsetting customers who will then not recommend their product to friends. Bold strategy. I’m sure it will work well for them.

Wi1118mThu, May 23, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Can’t edit entries

The app is pretty good, but we stopped using it to record feeding and diapers because you can’t edit entries, which honestly makes it pretty useless if you’re using it to track when the last feeding was, so we started using huckleberry instead for the tracking

Dada2024!Wed, May 22, 2024
United StatesUnited States

if it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!!

this new app was SO unnecessary! Who in charge allowed this horrible app to be released way too early? The old snoo app was working just fine! No one asked to track feedings with the snoo. The app is very glitchy and log shows up blank until you swipe back and forth. The developers have responded to many reviews saying to double tap the log to zoom in and now they removed that feature and added a zoom button which is not intuitive in the middle of the night. The worst part is how often I open my app to change the levels to get “can not connect” even though I am a foot away in my own bed. Very angry customer for how much the snoo costs. This was a huge miss happiest baby!!!!

--60753/780Wed, May 22, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Calendar in inverted

The device works just fine. The app is getting better. Sleep report being daily is fine but for daily baby management, we need to see the details of each sleep session. That's in an oddly located "Zoom" function. And then even more oddly, the calendar is inverted from literally every calendar app I've ever used. Runs from bottom to top in chronological order. The addition of tracking diapers and feedings is nice. It's a good attempt to make the app useful for daily use.

No autographs pleaseTue, May 21, 2024
United StatesUnited States
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Thu, Nov 10, 2022
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Mon, May 20, 2024
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What's New
1 week ago
Meet Tracker Shortcuts! 

You are now just a click away from logging sleep, feeds, and diaper changes! The home screen shortcuts make it easy to record live your baby’s sleep and nursing sessions, as well as other Tracker activities. Plus, we’ve added a shortcut to the Log that takes you directly to the daily overview of your baby’s activity schedule (aka that horseshoe chart parents love so much!). 

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