Car Detailing Simulator 2023

Car Detailing Simulator 2023

Detail, paint, polish and repair abandoned cars waiting to be restored.

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Detail, paint, polish and repair abandoned cars waiting to be restored.
Want to take care of your car without spending hours with a hose, soap, and towels? 

Car Detailing Simulator is a virtual game where you can become an expert detailer in your own garage. Choose from one of 30 different car models, and clean it from top to bottom. Polish the bumpers, wash the bodywork, wax the paintwork – it's all there!

The Car Detailing Simulator will test your abilities to detail what matters most. From the dirty exterior, to the upholstered passenger compartment, there's no detail too small. Use your skills to create your best work and you'll be rewarded with new cars to keep for yourself or sell on the open market.

Do you want to be a professional car detailer? With Car Detailing Simulator you can live out your dream, while having fun and improving your skills. This game will teach you everything from the basics of care, to advanced techniques to make that car shine! You can also run your own business and upgrade your workshop as your skills grow. You’ll have access to the latest tools and equipment so there are no limits to what you can achieve.
Use licenced AMMO tools for the most complicated jobs and toughest makeovers.
Detailing includes:
- Washing
- Polishing
- Wheel cleaning
- Interior Vacuuming
- Interior stain removing
- Tuning
- And many more

Want to do your own car detailing and take it to the next level?
With Car Detailing Simulator, you can do just that and so much more.
Start by customizing your own cars with various tuning elements, then clean them up and make them look fresh and new. Upgrade your workshop and AMMO tools to get even better jobs and unlock better cars.

Confidently tackle any car detailing job with this powerful car care simulator. With Car Detailing Simulator, you can polish cars and restore their original shine without risking any damage. Choose from a wide range of auto care tools to wash, wax, and buff. Become a pro detailer with extensive training material to help you master the trade in no time!

With a little of your time and effort, you can start earning money while upgrading your workshop to handle the toughest jobs. Work on cars to increase your car detailing skills and earn more from every job.

There is not a single person who will say that it's not nice to get a sparkling, clean car. And if you want your car to shine, but don't have the time or patience to wash it on your own, our Car Detailing Simulator will help you out! After all, it's so easy to spend some time with this game and keep your car spotless for weeks.
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I will give it five star ••••• because it is very exceptional game .What! outstanding development in this game

Rakshanda SaleemSun, Feb 25, 2024


ibrahim kholdillahSat, Feb 24, 2024


Soljer OfficialFri, Feb 23, 2024


Sumit GawhankarThu, Feb 22, 2024

Amtiaz sadanze

Mumtaz AhmadThu, Feb 22, 2024

was really surprised to see how in-depth the game is compared to real life. Great game to help pass time.

Isaac ChambersMon, Feb 19, 2024

nice 👍🙂

Surojit DebnathMon, Feb 19, 2024
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DOWNLOAD 839Feb 2024Worldwide
REVENUE$13Feb 2024Worldwide
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Release Date
Thu, Mar 16, 2023
Update Date
Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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What's New
3 months ago
- Fixed various bugs and issues
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