Water Sort Puzzle - Premium

Water Sort Puzzle - Premium

Solve challenging mind-boggling puzzles, with multiple cleverly designed levels

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Solve challenging mind-boggling puzzles, with multiple cleverly designed levels
Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the tubes to make each tube has just one color.
A challenging but relaxing game to exercise your brain!

• Easy one-finger, smooth and simple control.
• Doesn't require an internet connection.
• Multiple unique levels with amazing challenges.
. User-friendly interface and interactive graphics.
• Realistic Colorful graphics & Realistic water pouring sounds.
• More than 1000 unique and continuously increasing levels.
- Unlimited time; You can enjoy Water Sorting Puzzles - Liquid Sorting
• NO penalties you can enjoy Water Sort - Color Puzzles Game at your own pace!

- Touch any glass bottle to pour water into another bottle.
The rule is that you can only pour water into another bottle if it is linked to the same color and there is enough space on the glass bottle.
- Do your best and don't get stuck. Don't worry, you can always start over at any time. Or use the tube help button to add a new glass bottle.

Water Sort is a simple, fun, and addictive sort puzzle game.
Your next task is to sort the colored water in the cup until all the colors in the glass are the same. The game is easy to get used to, but it is difficult to become an expert and there are 1000 puzzles to challenge you.
A challenging yet relaxing game to train your brain!

Bottle Water Sort Puzzles Game is here for you! It’s time to know how smart you all are. Test your intelligence by solving this bottle sort water puzzle. Sort them all. These puzzle games stimulate your brain in a very fun and challenging way. Enjoy the cup sort games challenge as you stack the tubes in this water bottle game. Let’s see how good you are at juggling the colors in different water tubes in this sorting game.

There is a fun rule in this water jigsaw puzzle game that you can only pour water of the same color at the top and the tube you are pouring has enough space in it. So be careful while filling up the cups in this water puzzle game. Accept the challenging levels of the color match master puzzles and solve the puzzle games.

Be careful while solving the water sort puzzle jigsaw to make sure you don’t get stuck. Oh but it is perfectly alright you can restart your level at any time and play these addictive color sorting liquid games.. This water color switch game has single-finger control, limitless unique levels, and no time limit. This amazing color water match master will hook you for hours. It is everybody’s favorite game to kill boredom. Enjoy the fun-filled water color games.
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awesome and very little ads!

John KopekSat, Dec 2, 2023

I really enjoy playing this game. It's awesome!

zareen khanWed, Nov 22, 2023

Not good not bad

DEV DasWed, Nov 22, 2023

great game. you can't stop play.

Andrzej WojciakMon, Nov 20, 2023

Very satisfying puzzle game. The challenge increases as you go through but there's also the option to add an extra empty tube/bottle if you're getting frustrated by a particular level. Recommend.

Bridie BegbieSun, Nov 19, 2023

Excellent Colors water sort puzzle game that i played for some of good choices. Keep it up for more new challenging and difficult tanks.

Lang DoanSun, Nov 12, 2023

1. Can you not lock me out of the game for not having the latest version?!?! _2. Disabled sounds and music but there's still sounds sometimes. _3. Some colors are really hard to see, especially the dark ones. Some are also very similar to each other almost indistinguishable. _4. It doesn't tell you if you got stuck. At the very least have a hint button that will show the possible moves and cycle through them. _5. What is the unobtainable secret achievement? Is it just a placeholder? _UNINSTALLED

pol bolSat, Nov 4, 2023
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REVENUE$36Nov 2023Worldwide
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Sat, Oct 23, 2021
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Sun, Nov 26, 2023
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