Chicken Rescue: Pull The Pin

Chicken Rescue: Pull The Pin

Save the chicks from predators in challenging pin puzzle game

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Save the chicks from predators in challenging pin puzzle game
In a tranquil farmstead
A mother hen and her chicks live a peaceful, undisturbed life. However, danger lurks ominously in the shadows. Predatory creatures such as wolves, foxes, and cunning foxes prowl the vicinity, relentlessly seeking their prey. Unfortunately, the targets are none other than the defenseless chicks. To safeguard her chick, the mother hen must navigate through a series of challenges and hardships, contending with the constant threat that looms.

You will immerse yourself in the feathery protagonist's role, taking on the responsibilities of the protective mother hen. Your mission is clear – navigate through each level, outsmarting clever adversaries, and ensure the survival of your precious chick.

✶ Costumes: Explore a range of charming outfits for both the mother hen and her chicks, adding a delightful touch to their appearances.
✶ Brain-teasing puzzles: Challenge your wits with a variety of pull-the-pin puzzles. Master physics, strategize with pins, and guide the mother hen to victory.
✶ Immersive Graphics and Audio: Engage your senses with captivating graphics, enchanting soundscapes, and mesmerizing effects that make it hard to put the game down.
✶ Abundance of Items: Explore dynamic gameplay in Chicken Rescue with diverse resources like rice, earthworm,... Navigate through environments with water, fire,... and surprises, encountering treacherous obstacles along the way.

✶ Challenge your intellect with free pin games by skillfully manipulating the pin bars in the right order.
✶ Strategically pull the pins in pin games to ensure the chicks can access the grains or the mother hen can protect her offspring.
✶ Become the ultimate pin puller in this pin puzzle, acquiring exciting benefits with every level you climb.
✶ Unlock new items after completing specific levels, enhancing your gaming experience in this thrilling rescue puzzle.

Join the adventure today! Download Chicken Rescue - Pull the Pin, a free pin game, and experience a heart-pounding journey where wit, strategy, and unwavering love collide. Save the chickens, help the mother hen, and become the pin puller in this rescue puzzle chicken game. Are you ready to be the hero your feathered friends need?

Experience the thrill of Chicken Rescue - Pull the Pin - your feathered friends are counting on you!
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- Fix bugs.
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