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Verkoop: Click Buy / Scan Sell

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Are you looking for a great online shopping app? Verkoop Marketplace is here for you. 

Verkoop is an online marketplace where you can find the best products at the best prices, with fast and efficient delivery plus hot bonus online shopping deals. 

A good mobile shopping app should be simple and secured; these are the main features of this app. It also features image recognition and augmented reality (AR). Take a look at the features of this app to get a more detailed idea.

A large variety of products
This app has a vast collection of products from every category you can think of. You can buy fashion, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, phones & accessories, computers & accessories, baby products, food products, health & fitness products, sports products, office equipment & stationery, homeware, kitchen appliances, cellphone & wearables, books, videos & movies, music, games & toys, pet supplies and many other products. The product collection will truly amaze you. 

Using an online shopping app requires you to trust the app with your money and sensitive information; Verkoop reassures you with the highest level of security. Your money and information are safe with us. You will never lose a dime or never have to worry about your information being leaked or shared with a third party. 

Best price and discounts
Providing the best products at the best price is one of our primary focuses. If you are looking for the best, cheap or lowest priced shopping app, you can surely use this app. We also offer exciting discounts on various products that will certainly save you money. 

Bonus offers
If you do online shopping with this app, from time-to-time you could qualify for bonus offers. 

Image search and Augmented Reality (AR)
There are not many online shopping apps that offer these kinds of features. Image search and augmented reality features will make your shopping much more fun and easier. With the image search option, you can just upload an image of a product and the app will show you the product for you to buy. With augmented reality (AR), you’ll be able to assess products in the most realistic way. These high-quality 3D images will enable you to experience any product almost as real-life, therefore allowing you to make a better decision about buying or selling anything. 

Customer service and return policy
We have a very efficient customer service policy in place. You can contact our customer service team anytime for any query or complaint. We don't take responsibility for any purchases you may not be satisfied with. If you are not satisfied with any of our buyer or seller products our app has a functionality that enables you to block or report these individuals to avoid similar issues in the future. 

Great payment system
Our payment system is highly secure and easy to use. We have a variety of payment options including advanced payment and cash on delivery, which is our primary means of payment. If you are unsure of the buyer or seller and want to mitigate any risks, we have an e-wallet functionality that enables electronic payments via scanning the QR code of the buyer or seller. 

These are just some of the great features this online shopping app offers. There are more innovative and fun options you’ll get to experience when you shop with this app. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for an efficient online shopping app, which has the best products at the best prices, Verkoop Marketplace is the best choice for you. Go ahead; download and install this app and enjoy the new online shopping experience.



ZanNYC 2020-08-25 21:38
Great app
Great app
Sam884829 2019-12-13 08:18
Amazing app i love it
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