John: Truck Car Transport Sim

John: Truck Car Transport Sim

by Qckmob
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You are a truck driver named John. In this realistic truck car transport simulator game, you can walk freely over the open world, enter in your truck and transport and deliver sports cars to a destination as fast as you can. While you drive a truck you need to avoid traffic and drive carefully because you can crash or damage cargo on these dangerous mountains, hills and death roads. Park your truck at the destination, exit out of it and run to your house. Earn money and buy a license for new cars and cargo and then you will earn even more money by delivering cars. You can also unlock and drive a super sports car, deliver it by driving it to a destination and make stunts with it. Will you be the best truck driver?

Can you finish all the levels? Only a few people can complete this hard and challenging game! Are you the one?

- Realistic 3D graphics and physics 
- Realistic Simulation game
- Walk freely over huge open-world
- Enter and exit truck and car
- 5 different sports cars to deliver and one to drive
- Realistic traffic
- Beautiful Car Transport Truck
- Arrows, steering wheel, and accelerometer controls
- Different camera positions, cockpit camera included
- Many different maps

If you experience any performance issues please go to game settings and turn off some features, color fx is and grass are very expensive, turn them off.



isaluvi 2021-06-16 22:09
This game is fun
This is the best game ever tganks for the help
Op play 2021-06-13 00:40
Dgdssmmsms Pathogen 🦠 sms Sksks S,s
manish788 2021-06-05 09:43
add more levels
this game is amazing but i have completed the whole levels three times. so ,can you please add some more levels on it . since the game has released i don't think it have been upgraded?
uuuuuuuuúuû 2021-05-30 17:33
Hate game
It is so anooying sometime the car are so hard to keep on they just slip off and the when they hit you you instantly die which is dum
music maker123 2021-05-22 15:11
To many ads
Hi this game is grate just have some things that I don’t like like that there is to many ads and the other cars go so slow other than that the games is grate keep u the good work
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Dec 3, 2019
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Jun 10, 2021
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1 week ago
Dear Truck Drivers, in this update we improved gameplay and by your request reordered game levels. If you experience any crashes, please report them to our support.
Jun 10, 2021
May 19, 2021
Apr 15, 2021
Apr 10, 2021
Apr 5, 2021
Oct 27, 2020
Dec 6, 2019
Dec 3, 2019

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