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Make and receive calls with the Phone app.

• Phone calls, FaceTime Audio calls and FaceTime video calls all in one place
• Favorites offers one-tap shortcuts for calls and messages to your most important contacts 
• Recents displays recent conversations and missed calls
• Contacts gives you access to contact information, from phone numbers and email addresses to birthdays and anniversaries
• Calls remain connected even if you jump into other apps, so you can multitask with ease
• Conference calling with up to 5 people. Requires carrier support
• Visual Voicemail offers a written transcript of your voicemails. Save Visual Voicemail messages as notes, voice memos, or share them using Messages, Mail or Airdrop. Requires carrier support
• Custom voicemail greetings
• Text responses make it easy to send a response in a single tap when you can’t pick up a call. Use suggested replies, or create your own custom text responses
• Remind Me Later helps you remember to return calls that you can’t pick up in the moment
• Ask Siri to place calls, return calls, and check your voicemail
• Silence Unknown Callers gives you the option to automatically send unknown numbers to voicemail. Your phone will only ring for people in your contacts, recent outgoing calls, and Siri Suggestions
• Blocked Contacts allows you to identify unwanted callers and blocks phone and FaceTime calls from those numbers
• A range of ringtones and vibrations allow you to choose distinct alerts for certain people 
• Wi-Fi Calling lets you can make or receive a phone call on a Wi-Fi connection, so you can stay connected in areas with little or no cellular coverage. Requires carrier support
• 5G cellular service support on iPhone 12 models and later. Requires carrier support and a 5G cellular plan
• Call Announcements gives you the option to hear the name or phone number of the person calling you even when you’re not looking at your device
• Dial Assist automatically determines the correct international or local prefix when dialing
• Call Waiting allows someone to call you while you’re already on another call. Carrier support required
• Call Forwarding relays calls made to your number to another number that you specify. Carrier support required
• Call relaying gives you the option to make and receive phone calls on your iPad, iPod touch, and Mac
• External audio support gives you the option to move between your device speakers and bluetooth headsets or a nearby speaker, like HomePod. Initiate calls from your HomePod or route the audio of an existing call through HomePod

Apple Watch Features:
• Make and answer phone calls right from your wrist 
• When you hear or feel the call, send the call to voicemail, answer using your iPhone or send a message
• While you’re on a call, adjust the call volume, use the keypad or even switch the call to your iPhone
• Listen to voicemails
• Ask Siri to call someone in your contacts


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