Private messaging for everyone

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Private messaging for everyone
Olvid is the first private instant messaging application for everyone.

What is a "private" messenger?

It's a messenger:

- That does not push new contacts on you. You are in control: you choose who you want to discuss with. Olvid offers several ways to invite other Olvid users, either face-to-face or remotely.

- That does not require any personal data. Olvid won't ask for your phone number, for your email. Unlike your previous messenger, Olvid will never request access to your address book.

- On which you will never receive unsolicited messages or messages from an unknown source.

- Where all exchanges benefit from the same security and privacy as a real-world discussion behind closed doors. Olvid offers end-to-end encryption and end-to-end authentication by default, always, for everything you send or receive.

Olvid guarantees you safe spaces, immune to external aggression, which isolate you from the digital noise and violence of other social networks. Create groups with your family, friends and key collaborators. No spam, no advertising. You finally regain full control over your communications.

Olvid has been designed to be the best place to exchange on subjects that matter, with those who matter to you.

Olvid - Technology

At the heart of Olvid, a 'cryptographic engine' coming from several years of research allows to mathematically prove the integrity, the confidentiality and the anonymity of your communications.
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软件非常好!能汉化中文吗?Wed, Feb 15, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Awesome App

Easy to use and does not need phone number or email to register. Excellent app.

Supercell f**ks itselfTue, Mar 1, 2022
United StatesUnited States

great improvements in the last year

one area for improvement is in the new conversation UI. There’s too many rich messaging options that i would never use. two separate buttons for document scanning and document upload? that’s very silly. maybe let use choose which buttons should be on the bottom bar?

cothalesrThu, Nov 11, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Your UI.

Why you guys UI looks like it was Written by a 12 year old back in 2009.

JamaicalionMon, Aug 2, 2021
United StatesUnited States
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DOWNLOAD 9.2KMar 2023Worldwide
REVENUE$1.1KMar 2023Worldwide
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Release Date
Sat, Jun 15, 2019
Update Date
Thu, Mar 9, 2023
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Has IMessage
Support Watch
Support Siri
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Has Game Center
Family Sharing
Support Passbook
Supported Languages
English, French
What's New
2 weeks ago
- It is now possible to send a message in a group with no other member. Handy to write messages to yourself ;-)
- When more than one profile is available, the share extension shows by default the last (not hidden) one used within the App.
- Uncompleted outgoing secure calls did not appear in any discussion. This is fixed.
- The old discussions list style is no longer available on iOS 16.
- Fixes a bug related to the refresh of the list of recent discussions when using the old style under iOS 16, when switching profile.
- The badge indicating the number of new messages on the tab bar is now always correct.
- Fixes a visual bug occurring when a discussion is remotely deleted while the user is in the discussion.
- Fixes an issue causing group (v2) profile pictures to disappear after 3 months.
- Fixes an issue preventing certain expired messages to be deleted at the appropriate time.
- Fixes a crash sometimes occurring at launch time.
- Improves the app responsiveness after a cold boot.
- Stability improvements.
- Reduces the startup time for Keycloak users.
- Fixes a bug preventing the list of recent discussions to be properly updated when switching profile.
- Improves the animation when dismissing a discussion (iOS only).
- Tapping a "Send message" Olvid action would not work (e.g. with the Shortcuts App). This is fixed.
- When sharing, Olvid was not properly notifying Siri that we were sending a message. This is fixed.
- Fixes a few typos in French.
- The composition view could end up being larger than the text it contains. This is fixed.
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