Calendar Alarm:For night shift

Calendar Alarm:For night shift

Best for irregular wake up

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Best for irregular wake up
Automatic call is available!!

"Calendar Alarm" is a perfect alarm clock app for people who don't have the same wake-up time every day, such as shift work, night shifts, or working from home. Normal alarms can be set for each day of the week, but have you ever forgotten to set an alarm and overslept, or woken up at a time you shouldn't have? 

It's a hassle to change the settings every day, and setting alarms one by one on a calendar is tedious and difficult to use.This app was born out of these concerns, and is perfect for people who wake up at irregular times. Let the simple, easy-to-use interface combined with rich features help you improve your morning routine and make your daily life smoother!

■New feature Automatic call! !
Equipped with an automatic call as a snooze function! If you haven't started the app and stopped the alarm after the scheduled time, you will receive an automatic call! Please help prevent oversleeping!

■Features of Calendar Alarm
By registering your own wake-up time pattern, you can easily set it! You can register a name and set a theme color for each pattern, and you can easily check the registered wake-up times for each day in a list!

■Function 1 Background startup
The alarm still sounds even if the screen is turned off. No need to leave the app open when you go to bed! (If the app is closed or crashes, you will receive a push notification.)

■Function 2 Sound
The sound will be heard even in silent mode! No need to switch your smartphone every time!
(You can also turn off the sound.)

■Function 3 Vibration
You can also set the vibration On/Off!

■Function 4 Batch change
By editing linked patterns, you can change them all at once. For example, if you want to wake up 5 minutes earlier, you don't have to change the time you set for each day, you can apply it to all days by editing the registered pattern itself!

■How to use
There are several patterns for wake-up times, such as early shift, late shift, night shift, and working from home, so you can easily create and register your own pattern!
1. Register as many wake-up time patterns as you need
2. Link registered patterns to alarms by date with one touch
3. Set alarms for multiple days at once on the monthly calendar
If you want to use the automatic snooze function...
4. Create an account and turn on automatic calls!

If you have irregular wake-up times, use this app to free yourself from the hassles of the past and have a more comfortable morning!
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Sat, May 7, 2022
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Mon, May 6, 2024
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1 week ago
Some improvements that the alarm can be triggered more reliably even when the app is running in the background.

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