Brilliant Smart Home System

Brilliant Smart Home System

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Get mobile access to your Brilliant Control(s) by downloading and pairing the Brilliant App. 

The Brilliant Control replaces an existing light switch to give you touch and voice control over all of your smart home products. From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, Brilliant connects everyone in the home with controls that are easy to access and use.

With Alexa built in for voice control, a personalizable high resolution display for touch control, and a camera with a privacy shutter for room-to-room video chat, your home is now more than just smart. It’s Brilliant.

The Brilliant App gives you remote/mobile access to your Brilliant Control(s), so you can see and adjust the status of your connected smart home products, turn on/off lights, activate scenes, upload personal photos, and more.

Don’t have a Brilliant Control yet? You can download the app and use our “demo mode” to simulate the mobile experience. 

Key Features

Remote Access
- Control your smart light, climate, and lock devices all from one place - anywhere and anytime.

Live View
- Stay connected via two-way talk with anyone in your home such as kids, guests, housekeepers, and nannies – regardless of whether you are home or away.

Navigate your home the way you want
- Access your smart home devices by room or by device type.

Execute your home automation
- Execute scenes you have created on your Brilliant remotely through your smart phone.

Personalize your Brilliant
- Upload up to 25 personal photos to turn your Brilliant into a digital photo frame.

Access Demo Mode
- Explore how Brilliant can unify and automate your home before you buy. 

Some features require a working internet connection on your phone and/or Brilliant, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.

Product currently sold in the United States and Canada.
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Work in progress

The app is not elegant but works fairly well on phone, terrible on iPad. Integration with HomeKit is extremely limited, only light switches get exported. Controller camera is very low quality so video on app is mediocre. Otherwise the control looks great and does what it is supposed to.

Will TexasMon, Oct 10, 2022
United StatesUnited States

No longer works on iPad

Love the Brilliant system overall. I have several of their controls throughout my house and was a relatively early adopter. However, after the most recent update, the app now just crashes at launch on my iPad. Have tried removing it and reinstalling, restarting the iPad, etc.

Agent*CooperTue, Mar 15, 2022
United StatesUnited States

App is garbage (updated)

Spent an hour getting the device installed. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. However I have downloaded the app and every time I try to create an account, it says there was an error and to try again later. Tried 10-20 times over the course of an hour with different emails and names, and it never works. $500 device and I can't use it because of a poorly coded app. I'll be returning it tomorrow seeing as you can't use any of the features without an account and I can't create an account. Update: After giving up for the night, I decided to try the next day. Maybe it was a server issue, but I was able to set it up in the morning. The app is still not amazing, but the device more than makes up for it. Upgrading to 4 stars.

Dustin JohnsonSat, Feb 5, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Life is easier

Life is do much easier having the app installed. We have a two switch and ready gif a four switch .

honebohndFri, Jan 14, 2022
United StatesUnited States

Smarter home

With all the Wi-Fi products I have this centralized all. It form the head of voltron initially I bought 2 I had to buy another two for all the functions it possessed. It made lights that are smart by making the switch that controls them smart. So u don’t have to buy hue bulbs like I did. But if u have the hue bulbs u can control the hue bulbs while not having to worry about someone cutting the switch off. So many benefits and adds value to your property. Great product

Convah SationWed, Dec 8, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Looks great

I love the look and had high expectations that this would be helpful for my smart home, but with the app not really able to make changes or work with setting I’m finding we hardly ever use it it morn then just tough to turn on and off the lights. I could have just added light diner switch to do the same thing yes it wouldn’t look as nice, but for the price it lacks as a true home control panel for lights.

Dkw-2Fri, Nov 5, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Network connectivity issues literally all the time

I’ve never had this app work for me, I’ve tried 3 WiFi networks and 2 cell networks and every time, it connects to my brilliant home, but shows all devices as offline even as I’m standing right in front of the control panel, which says it’s online. Absolutely useless app for me. Don’t make the same mistake i have and pay $300+ for a screen that shows you the time and lets you swipe up and down to turn on a light. I wish I had just bought a light switch and saved the cash and months of my time fighting this dumb “smart” home ecosystem...

mangosangoMon, Nov 1, 2021
United StatesUnited States
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What's New
4 days ago
A new update from Brilliant
We're always working hard to improve your experience with Brilliant and build an awesome product. Here's the latest update to check out across iOS.
- HomeKit can now be setup or reset under Device Settings -> Home Assistants.
- Troubleshooting is also available for Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant.
- Fixes for the Brilliant Switch installation flow.

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