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The Secret of Weight

Calorie counter

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Calorie counter
The Secret of Weight (TSOW) is a convenient and easy to use photo-based calorie counting app that offers a fun and enjoyable way of maintaining, losing or gaining weight, depending on your objective!

We have all heard of calorie counting, but what does that really mean?  Can this concept be used easily?  How do you count calories anyway?  

The Secret of Weight gives you all the answers!  How many calories are you entitled to each day? What happens if you go overboard?  Find out with this app! The best feature of all, however, is that this app makes calorie counting a breeze thanks to the photo-based food choices to select from!

How does it work?

- Each day, you work with a set Calorie Budget that you can “spend” on your food choices, not matter what they are, without gaining any weight.  You therefore work with a set number of Calories each day, which means you can “spend this budget” on any type of food you like!  There are no food restrictions, the point being that as long as you stick to your budget, you will not gain weight!  This is the real Secret of Weight!

Okay, so how does it all work?

- Each time you eat something, look it up in the photo database and add that item to your cart for the day.  A bar gauge on the side of the Dashboard shows how many Calories you have left for that day.
- If you go over budget, you start gaining weight.  The equivalent amount of weight gained is displayed on your app in real time, based on how many extra Calories you have consumed.
- If you stay under budget, you start losing weight.  The equivalent amount of weight lost is displayed on your app in real time, based on how many less Calories you have consumed.

This new concept is based on the idea that there are no forbidden foods, even when you want to lose weight!  You will also find out how high or low your calorie intake should be to gain or lose a few pounds.

- Calorie gauge and dashboard
- Food database:
1661 photographs of food 
1934 food items
- Add new food items to the database, with or without pictures
- Add your own recipes, with or without pictures
- Keep track of frequently chosen items by adding them to your Favorites list
- Food cart (food cart content can be viewed for the ten previous days)
- Customized settings
- Help topics
- Virtual coach “Flo” guides you through the app
- Customize your dashboard gauge by changing colors (by holding your finger on the gauge)

No hidden in-app purchases.  The only suggested purchase is the book by the same name, The Secret of Weight, that explains the entire method in detail.  

Test this great tool for yourself!

The application has voluntarily been designed with few options:  the point was to keep it as simple as possible.  All options are therefore quick and easy to discover (even if you will need a few minutes of attention to grasp the concept).  Thanks to the help options, you can start keeping track of your weight in just 15 minutes.  Make it easy!  Think easy!  Diet easy!
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