Gambling Addiction Calendar

Gambling Addiction Calendar

Quit Gambling. Stop Gambling

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Quit Gambling. Stop Gambling
Being addicted to gambling is a real thing, and people suffer day in and day out with the struggle.
Gambling addiction calendar helps you realize when you are addicted to gambling, and helps you stay accountable for when you let yourself be tempted by the idea of gambling. Use gambling addiction calendar to stop gambling and lower your risk of losing money that you can’t afford to pay back, or family member that love you.
Join the no gambling movement and stop gambling addiction! People who have used this app have seen a great increase in self-control and patience. Just take one day at a time and look forward to the new you without being addicted to gambling. Not only will this app help you stop gambling, but it will help you take your life back. 
1. Use our counter to track your progress down to the second.
2. Track how much money and time you have saved since you quit gambling.
3. Create your own reasons to quit gambling, or use one of our scientifically based facts about quitting.
4. Change the look and feel of the app with our skins section to personalize the app to what you want.
5. Add reasons why you would like to see yourself succeed and stop the gambling abuse.
6. Our special panic button will help you send a text to a friend that may be able to help you and be an accountability partner.
7. Our badge system allows you to be rewarded for your success.
8. Our distractions section will help you take your mind off of the gambling abuse and introduce you to something more positive and soothing.
9. Gambling Addiction Calendar automatically calculates how much money you have saved since you quit drinking.
10. Our motivational quotes and testimonials will ensure that you are not alone on this process to shake dependence on gambling.
Here are our top 6 reasons to stop being addicted to gambling:
1. Gambling is addictive
No matter who thinks they have full control of themselves, gambling has been known to take hold and pull people away from their life savings. When you win for the first time, you get a rush of endorphins, and you will be chasing that feeling forever. Acknowledge that this can happen, and cut all ties with gambling.
2. Gambling addiction can make you avoid your life and responsibilities
You may lose interest in your job and start to drift away into day dreams of hitting it big with your next jackpot. Before you know it, performance might slip at work and you could be fired, or even quit your job looking for the next big hit!
3. Gambling will not make you rich
I am sure that you have heard stories of someone hitting the multi-million dollar jackpot, but the odds of that happening are slim. Most gambling addicts will simply waste away their money until they have nothing left. Gambling is not a sustainable lifestyle.
4. Gambling is stressful
Be honest with yourself. You’re not always going to be winning when gambling. In fact, you will be doing a lot more losing than winning. When you are losing, you are stressing. You are losing money, and putting detrimental physical stress upon yourself.
5. Gambling addiction will change your mood and you may become rude
People who are addicted to gambling can bend their own morals for the benefit of their addiction. Lashing out at people is not uncommon, especially when you think about how much money you are losing. Don’t let the addiction take hold of your personality
6. Addiction to gambling destroys your drive
Since most gambling is based off of blind luck, addicts will get the illusion that they don’t have to work for money. This will instill a negative cycle of thinking that any day now you will hit it rich. For most gambling addicts, this doesn’t happen.
Download this free app now to start yourself well on your way to quitting gambling!
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Great app! Very helpful!

This app has changed my life. It’s so refreshing to have a safe space to speak freely and not be judged but offered words of encouragement.

00KayTSat, Feb 25, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Time limits

I love this app and reading about others like me, but only being able to send a message once every 30 mins. Frustrates me.

C-Dog #10Wed, Apr 21, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Needs live chat feature or chat session option

good app overal

bjohnlThu, Feb 25, 2021
United StatesUnited States

Helpful app!

I struggled a LOT with gambling. Specifically poker. It got so bad that I almost refinanced my house to get more money to fly out to vegas and “score”. Luckily a friend realized my gambling problem and told me about this app. Thanks!

am49755Thu, Jun 18, 2020
United StatesUnited States


I used to play a ton of online poker through college and it just kind of got out of hand in the form of gambling abuse. I knew it was an issue when I couldn’t go visit my family for the holidays because I had no money and was in debt. This app really did help me work through my addiction and help me out!

DoozingMon, May 4, 2020
United StatesUnited States

Helped me stop gambling!

First of all, I am loving the new version of this app! I was able to quit gambling thanks to the push notifications and all of the details. I was definitely involved in some gambling abuse, but my life is now on the right track!

BradleyAdams87Fri, May 1, 2020
United StatesUnited States
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Now you can add more information to your profile, earn awards for posting high quality content, and participate in our 30 day streak challenge by opening the app every day for 30 days straight! Bug fixes.
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