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Discover the digital adaptation of Tokaido, the boardgame phenomenon that has already sold more than 350,000 copies worldwide, and has been translated into 16 languages!

// A magnificent voyage --------------------------------------------

You are a traveler, in the heart of ancient Japan, walking the legendary East Sea road from Kyoto to Edo, trying to make the trek as fulfilling as possible. Discover the most magnificent landscapes, taste numerous culinary specialties, acquire rare and precious souvenirs, bathe in hot springs, visit the temples, and meet other travelers…. Tokaido is a rite of passage for the heart, walking in serenity and contemplation.
But do not be fooled by the peaceful appearance of the voyage, because you will have to demonstrate stronger strategy than your opponents if you want to win!
Whether you sneak along as a messenger, a geisha, or even a ronin, you must discover as many hidden marvels as you can along the road, so your journey is the most satisfying of all!

// Unique ambience --------------------------------------------

Discover characters and scenery in a new light!
Developed by Funforge, original publisher of the boardgame, the video game offers an entirely new graphical experience! Whether you are a first-time fan, in love with Japan, or merely a curious newbie, the digital version allows each player to discover the celebrated Tokaido road in a new form.
While Tokaido retains the famous clean graphic design of the boardgame, it offers unprecedented immersive 3D, realtime graphics, all accompanied by a superb and unprecedented soundtrack, composed specifically for the game.

// Play anywhere, solo, with two, or with the whole world --------------------------------------------

Available for smartphones and tablets, Tokaido offers several play modes for infinite replayability:
- Solo against the AI
- Pass & play
- Online multijoueur
Languages supported: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese.

// A worldwide success --------------------------------------------

** Tokaido, nominated for People's Choice Award, at the 14th International Mobile Gaming Awards 2018
** Tokaido, nominated for Game Artist Award, at the 14th International Mobile Gaming Awards 2018
** Tokaido, nominated for the Hra roku, in 2014
** Tokaido, nominated for the Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork, in 2013
** Tokaido, nominated for the Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee, in 2013
** Tokaido, nominated for the Gioco dell’Anno, in 2013

// In the press --------------------------------------------

** The Dice Tower: "That’s a gorgeous looking game."
** Gameosity: "The animations are gorgeous, the gameplay is smooth."
** Dageeks: "…the app looks like it’s going to break the tradition of just bringing the digital experience of playing a board game."
** Gameblog: "Everything has been polished: the UI has been completely redesigned for a video game experience."
** TechArtGeek: "It's beautiful, it flows, it's poetic. To make it short this digital version perfectly completes and honors the board game."
** Ludovox: "Graphically speaking, you have to admit that it's gorgeous, giving credit and honor to the original board game edition."
** Tric Trac: "To me Tokaido is therefore a game that invites to travel, and that is perfectly adapted to be played quietly in family."
** Kiss My Geek: "Everything has been carefully modeled in 3D, the UI is flawless and each feedback goes through well designed ergonomics."

// Find us on social networks and the web--------------------------------------------
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Great adaptation

Loved the board game but it isn’t always easy to get three people to play. So it’s nice to be able to play solo. Only problem seems to a bug where I choose a meal at the last inn and it doesn’t give me the points. Doesn’t happen every time and it’s not limited to one character but it happens frequently enough to notice. Other than it’s a great adaptation both in game play and visual design.

Frex mixTue, Feb 6, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Great game, but waiting for expansions

It’s a great game and I play it with my partner all the time. Unfortunately the expansion packages are not included and we are tired of the characters available.

Leo4820Sun, Nov 26, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Beautiful Classic! Can’t wait for expansions

A beautiful, relaxing game which has had any earlier issues fixed by the developers. Take a vacation along the coast, with wonderfully animated characters and locations. Now we’re waiting on the wonderful Crossroads and Matsuri expansions. Crossroads turns every location into a choice, turning a game of hopscotch into a piece of real strategy, as you can now choose legendary souvenirs, end of game bonuses, one off powers, a risky round of gambling, and more. Matsuri adds many new characters and adds an event at each step of the journey which affects the game, greatly improving variation and replayability. And maybe even… promos and the New Encounters? 🤞 Even without these, my girlfriend and I love playing this game. Once they’re here, it’ll take over many dinners and game nights each week. Can’t wait!

Pete0596Sat, Jul 29, 2023
United StatesUnited States

No Online Players

There is absolutely no one online playing this game. Please save your money before thinking you’ll be paying with anyone online…

findmypantsMon, Jan 30, 2023
United StatesUnited States

No sound/ music

Good game, haven’t played the actual board game before but was easy to learn and play with a 10-year old. But neither of us gets any sound/ music. In settings we’ve tried everything from toggling music/ volume/ language to no use. We’ve tried downloading in multiple devices - phones/ iPads.. all have the same issue. Is anyone else seeing that or are we doing something completely stupid? Looks like an easy one to fix if it’s a bug!

xrajivThu, Jan 5, 2023
United StatesUnited States

Good overall, but HUGE Bug with Chubei

There is a bug with Chubei. Played a game online with a friend. In the end, there was a discrepancy in the scoring between my game and my friend’s game. He was playing Chubei - he had an extra 5 points that was not reflected on my game. When looking into the details, I saw that his game showed 2 additional panorama sections that he received from encounters which was not apparent on my game. For some reason, the panoramas from encounters are not registering.

Cthao082Wed, Nov 2, 2022
United StatesUnited States


Add more expansions please. There are only ten characters right now.The board game had like 30 and it was awesome!

wombojumboSun, Sep 11, 2022
United StatesUnited States
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REVENUE$502Apr 2024Worldwide
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Mon, Mar 20, 2017
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Mon, May 6, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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May 18, 2024
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May 17, 2024
Modern Board Games
What's New
1 week ago
-Advanced graphics has been added to the game and improved the graphics with Motion Blur, Bloom, Depth of Field and Anti-aliasing effect. Your device may not be compatible with those effects, if it's the case don't activate them to have better performances.
-Funforge Account are removed from app. You can now play online without having to create a Funforge account. If you had a Funforge account before, it has been deleted.
-Minors improvements and bugs fixes.

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