Lady in Midnight:Otome Fantasy

Lady in Midnight:Otome Fantasy

Sweet yet trhilling Story Game

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4.6 (18)
United States United States
Sweet yet trhilling Story Game
After getting lost due to a carriage accident, I was led by a dangerous-looking man into a mansion…

“The moment I see you, I want to do this… slowly and deeply, feeling every embrace.”

Bewitched upon arrival at the mansion, I encountered eerie and sticky gazes and shadows spying on me.

The sweet yet terrifying temptations of the men approaching me have begun.
Despite knowing the danger, I couldn’t refuse these men.

Will ‘I’’, thrown among the mansion’s men with various motives, survive?

[Game Introduction]

“I’m curious about a lot of things, especially about how you might feel.”
-The Cheeky, Kellan

“Tell me~ Do you want to see my crying? Huh?”
-The Needy, Anis

“You think you know what I desire… and dare to offer me a reward?”
-The Gruff, Benett

Storytaco presents an unconventional romance otome game, “Lady in Midnight”, a choice-based game in the fantasy romance genre.

Write your own romance love story in “Lady in Midnight” filled with thrilling twists, secrets, and an attractive universe!

(Caution) Your choices will alter the fate of the characters at every turn.

[Game Story]

“We’ve been waiting for you for ages.”

The curse of the witch that has been passed down through the mansion for ages, to break this bondage, must share a passionate love with the men of the mansion?!
Can 'I' escape the witch's mansion by taking the hand of the man I love?
The secret and dangerous story with these men has already begun.

"Imagine that, being devoured whole, from the tips of your hair to your toes."

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Frustrating and Expensive

I was really excited to play this game because I was anticipating a game with multiple things to keep you busy like their game Arcana Twilight, which I love. But this game is incredibly expensive and I wouldn’t recommend playing if you want to make the fun choices and don’t want to spend any money (1.99 can afford you enough materials to access one ‘date’, I can’t say anymore past that because I was looking for ways to make gems before even finishing chapter 1). There are ways to make gems, if you want to spend your mobile gaming time completing website surveys and reading medical articles for one gem apiece that doesn’t always get delivered. You can also complete missions for potentially 1-3 gems and/or 3/250ths of a gift to give your chosen guy. The demand for money from the game is even more frustrating added to the other issues, like multiple typos, which I don’t mind when I can at least read a decent amount without being able to participate in any gem choices. There are some hints you can use on some of the default options to raise affection a little bit, but those are buggy, and after trying them multiple times, and even restarting chapters, I have had hints work once out of 15 tries. The art is nice, even if the woman in all of the art shots (she never has to be there) is what all otome games default you to, which destroys immersion if you want it and are met in every photo with your pale skin. I’m incredibly disappointed in this game and do not recommend unless you’ve got money to blow (because there’s nothing to do but the default story if you don’t have a ton of gems) or a whole bunch of time on your hands to complete website visiting tasks that are unreliable.

ArayforMon, Apr 29, 2024
United StatesUnited States

Good story but—

I love the story, but I have tried twice to finish Anis’ story & even paid for gems to get dates & as many gem choices as I can and I STILL cant reach a happy end of the story?! Makes it obvious you probably cant get the happy end as a f2p, given that I bought gems and watch all ads with x2 for gems, read walkthroughs & still cannot get the Happy end 💀💔

MonbebeNicoFri, Apr 26, 2024
United StatesUnited States
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DOWNLOAD 5.1KApr 2024Worldwide
REVENUE$935Apr 2024Worldwide
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Release Date
Wed, Apr 24, 2024
Update Date
Thu, May 2, 2024
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Supported Languages
English, Korean
What's New
3 weeks ago
Improving app stability.
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The Witch's Pouch
The Witch's Secret Coffer
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The Witch's Basket
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