The Seven Hebrew Binyanim

The Seven Hebrew Binyanim

Verb conjugation tables

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Verb conjugation tables
We present to you a unique application for studying Hebrew language. Our application offers all the necessary tools for effective and productive study of Hebrew.
Application features:

Here's the translation of the provided text into English:

Application features:
- Dark and light themes
- Dictionary search
- Transliteration search
- Root word search in Hebrew
- Alphabetical word sector search
- Search with and without vowel markings
- Over 9000 words
- Forms with pronouns
- Forms without pronouns
- Absolute state
- Conjunctive state
- Singular number
- Plural number
- Transliteration with proper stress
- Narrator mode
- Word root
- Present, past, future tenses of verbs
- Imperative mood, infinitive
- Verb binyan names
- Color indication of words of different parts of speech (verb, noun, adjective, conjunction, preposition, adverb)
- Favorites section with the ability to add custom groups and words
- Ability to edit group names and list colors
- Word statistics within a group
- Ability to add words to favorites directly from the dictionary
- Ability to add your own words that are not in the dictionary
- Self-assessment mode for learned words in the form of two tests (type A and B) with listening to the correct answer
- Word memorization mode with a narrator
- Cloud storage of favorites with subsequent recovery and synchronization between devices  

The exquisite style and design of the application down to the smallest details provide top-notch visual quality. You can choose between dark and light themes to tailor the application to your preferences and mood.

One of the key features of the application is a powerful dictionary with more than 9000 words. Using various search methods, you can easily and quickly find the words you need, including dictionary search, transliteration, Hebrew word roots or alphabetical sectors. You can also search for words with or without vowel points for a better understanding and usage of Hebrew.

The app also provides detailed information on word forms with possessive nouns, non-possessive forms, absolute and construct state, singular and plural, transliteration with stress, and even the root of the word.

You will be able to master grammar and verb tenses, including present, past, and future, imperative mood, and infinitive. Special attention is given to the binyanim of verbs.

Intuitive color coding of various parts of speech, including verbs, nouns, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, and adverbs will help you comprehend their meanings and usage more easily.

The ability to create your own word groups and add them to your favorites right from the dictionary will simplify organization and management of studied words. You can edit group titles and customize list colors for better usability. You will also be able to view the word statistics in the group and evaluate your progress.

The self-control mode with two types of tests, providing real pronunciations and stresses, will allow you to check your knowledge and listen to the correct spelling of words. It will give you additional audio-visual opportunities in learning a new language.

And that's not all! The memory mode of following the speaker, the ability to store favorite words in the cloud with synchronization between devices and adding your own words make this application an ideal choice for your personal learning.

If you're short on time or need a particular approach to memorization, the step-by-step word memorization mode with audio warm-up will help you study at an optimal pace. Your favorite words will be safely stored in the cloud, ensuring uninterrupted access and synchronization.

Learning Hebrew can be a complex affair, but our application will turn it into a path filled with discoveries and simplicity. Download the application right now and try a new and effective way of studying Hebrew!
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When clicking on Hebrew words, I can only see the translation in Spanish. There isn’t an option to see translation in an other language. This app needs more testing as it is missing basic functions. 11-28-23

Tals112233Tue, Nov 28, 2023
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