Numbers 123 Math learning game

Numbers 123 Math learning game

Learn counting & tracing 1-20

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Learn counting & tracing 1-20
Welcome to "Numbers 123" - an educational and engaging mobile game designed for kids aged 2 to 5. Dive into a world of numbers, counting, and basic mathematical operations while having loads of fun! This educational game is the perfect choice for kids who want to build a strong foundation in math.

Key Features:

Educational Game for Kids: Join our adorable character with a signboard as you pop colorful balloons in this educational game for kids. Each balloon burst reveals a number, and the character will cheerfully announce the quantity. It's a blast of excitement combined with fundamental math practice.

Numbers for Kids: Start with the basics by getting to know each number individually. The game introduces numbers one by one, helping your child associate them with their names. "This is the number 1!" Numbers for kids have never been this much fun!

Number Matching Fun for Kids: Dive into a world of learning and fun with numbers as you play with soap bubbles. Match the number to the correct quantity of objects, reinforcing your child's understanding of numbers.

Interactive Number Tracing: Let your child's creativity shine as they trace numbers with a lovable character who rolls up a ball of yarn. The auto-fill feature ensures that even the littlest fingers can achieve success in this interactive educational game.

Dynamic Games with Learning Elements for Kids:

Number Race for Kids: Get ready for an exciting race while counting to the finish line. This dynamic game combines learning and fun for kids.
Platformer Adventure for Kids: Jump, hop, and collect numbers while exploring various levels of platforming challenges (recommended for ages 5 and up). It's an adventure that's perfect for kids learning numbers.
Greater or Lesser Game for Kids: Challenge your child's number knowledge by comparing numbers in a captivating game (recommended for numbers between 10 and 20). This educational game for kids is a fantastic way to reinforce their math skills.
"Numbers for kids" is more than just a game; it's a comprehensive educational game tailored to the needs of young children. It fosters a love for math from an early age, providing a solid foundation for future academic success. With its vibrant graphics, interactive gameplay, and gentle guidance, this educational game is the perfect companion for your child's educational journey.

Give your child a head start in math and make learning numbers a joyous adventure with "Numbers for kids," the ultimate educational game for kids. Download "Numbers for kids" today and watch your little one's math skills grow while having a blast! Learning has never been this much fun!

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We've made the application faster and more convenient for your kids. 
Enjoy playing and stay with us!
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