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JuniorsKiddo is a learning & game mobile application launched by Juniorskiddo.com. 

Juniors Kiddo added with 9 categories and 200+ words!
Enjoy a with the Juniors Kiddo Learning & Game. Kids in pre-school, 1st or 2nd grade or in the age group 2-6 would enjoy playing with this app and learn alphabets A to Z, Numbers, Animals, Birds, Colors, Fruits, Vegetables, Transports, and Shapes.

The attractive menu take kids in the world of letters, numbers, animals, birds, colors, fruits, vegetables, transports and shapes.

How kids will benefit?
- They will learn alphabets A to Z very fast along with first words which start with every random letter.
- Kids will learn to speak the alphabets and the first words after hearing the voice-over.
- Kids will learn to recognize the pictures both from their spoken and written names.
- They will be able to use the app alone and enjoy watching the attractive images, letters and objects.
- They will introduced to different shapes, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, birds, vehicles, etc.

- Attractive simple navigation menu to use App.
- Colorful app with fun small animations which will immediately appeal to small children.
- App starting sound, Click sounds, Background voice-over explaining every alphabet and word.
Separate mode for Day and Night.
Background mode automatically change based on day time from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and night time 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM
- Background music to concentrate on learn and Quiz.
- Background volume level adjust facility.
- Very easy to use design with attractive graphics.
- Over 200+ words/images in Juniors Kiddo.

In App Purchases:
- The Complete Juniors Kiddo App is available without any Advertisement banner, full page, and video in-app purchase.


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