PWA - Property with Alton

PWA - Property with Alton

The PWA App helps homeowners find property products and suppliers instantly.

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The PWA App helps homeowners find property products and suppliers instantly.
The mobile application connects property suppliers to homeowners that require any product or home service on a safe and secure platform. The application also helps entrepreneurs across South Africa to instantly share their business portfolio with homeowners within a 10km radius of their business premises. 

South African homeowners can now register for free on the mobile app and view all suppliers within a 10km radius. The app is so simple to use, it allows one to define your search criteria by applying filters such as supplier types, rating, radius, price range, budget, and much more to find exactly what you are looking for. The PWA app generates three supplier quotes instantly at a click of a button. Yes! no more phone calls, emails, WhatsApp’s and waiting for quotations.

It is a simple 4 step process from requesting a quotation to confirming your job booking. The PWA app has a secure integrated payment gateway that allows payments via the app itself. Because security is top of mind for PWA, homeowners are kept informed of the details of the employee who will be on-site to execute the job. There is a customer satisfaction and rating tool integrated into the app to always make sure all suppliers live up to the code of service set out by PWA. The standard certainly goes above the norm, as a customer receives a digital job completion certificate, that further gives homeowners the satisfaction and peace of mind that the job was completed with the highest standard of excellence. If that is not all, PWA uses Windeed to verify supplier’s personal and business identification including criminal records which is tagged to the supplier profile.

PWA has a two fold vision, not only to deliver excellent customer service but also to empower millions of Property entrepreneurs across South Africa to grow their businesses. Whether you are a registered or non-registered company or even just a talented individual, one can create a free supplier profile to promote their products and/or services.
The mobile application offers second to none benefits for a supplier such as fully automated quotations, job bookings, invoicing, calendars, and progress tracking to name just a few. It has also, automated the mundane administrative tasks, by proving a supplier dashboard to effectively manage the business right down to tracking monthly revenue, cancellations, refunds and warranty policies.

The PWA mobile app is the first of its kind in South Africa and will aid in boosting the economy by supplying homeowner services in a unique and convenient way.
This can only be described as revolutionary and unique business in motion concept, a mobile app worth downloading. It is certainly going to take the property industry to the next level in service delivery and service excellence!

PWA has three variants: the customer app, the supplier app, and the employee app, and includes an admin panel. Although the customer and supplier variants have identical features, some of them are distinct from each other.

The customer app variant has the following core features:
Profile, Supplier Listings, Instant Quotes, Communication Requests, Make Payments

The supplier app variant has the following core features:
Add Products or Services. Update Supplier Listing, Set Up Calendar, Manage Orders, Transaction and Order History, Business Operations, Ratings and Feedback.
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Thu, Mar 10, 2022
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Mon, Mar 27, 2023
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What's New
1 day ago
* Fixed supplier messages to show correctly
* Quotes are now paid in full
* Payouts to suppliers are now made on job completion
* Suppliers can now accept/reject quotes
* Quoting now takes into account supplier calendar and working hours

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