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InStory Saver-Video Downloader

InStory Saver-Video Downloader

Insta saver, reels downloader for Instagram helps you save Story from Instagram

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Insta saver, reels downloader for Instagram helps you save Story from Instagram
Did you like your friends, Insta stories but hesitate to ask them to send you? No more worries when you have a video saver for Instagram. Insta Saver - Story Downloader lets you download from Instagram reels in a hasty manner. Instagram Story viewer will help you to open your favorite story and video saver for Instagram is all you need to get your favorite reel in your phone. IG saver will let you save your desired Insta story on your phone. Insta saver is another amazing feature of this app which will let you get a profile picture of your desired contact in your gallery. 

Features of Insta Saver - Story Downloader
No more worries to have your Insta contact’s profile picture in your gallery when you have Insfull
Copy the link of the video you liked and use the video downloader for Instagram to get it on your phone
IG story saver is all you need to save your desired story on your device
Video saver for Instagram is a user-friendly feature to download videos
IG saver is the most convenient way to download your favorite story
Download Instagram reels easily in almost no time
Story viewer to view your favorite status
User-friendly and quality graphics

How to use InstaSaver - Story Downloader
Video downloader for Instagram is one of the most user-friendly apps with all the amazing features you need to meet your demands. IG story saver and IG saver help you to save your favorite Insta story on your device in no time. All you have to do is to copy the link of the reel or story you want to have in your gallery and paste the link into the download Instagram reels tab. Click the download button and you are all set to have it on your phone’s gallery. Story viewer is there for you to view any status you want. Insfull is one more amazing feature of a video downloader for Instagram. You just have to enter the user name of your desired IG profile in Insfull. This will let you get their full profile picture in your photos section in literally no time.

Asking your friends to send you their Insta story or IG reels is one of the most difficult tasks. Sometimes you like their posts but cannot ask them to send you. So, no more hesitation when video saver for Instagram. IG saver is designed for you to meet your demands. IG story saver is always there for you to help in such situations. Video downloader for Instagram is developed to make sure you do not have to ask your contacts to send you their posts. You can download them if your own in a few seconds. Download Instagram reels in just a minute. View your favorite posts in the app with a story viewer. Opening the full profile picture of your Insta contact was not possible before. But we have made it possible for you. You can not only open a full profile picture but also can save it in your gallery while using Insfull. So what are you waiting for? Install this super amazing app and enjoy the breakthrough features.

Instasaver - Story Downloader does not use the sensitive permissions
All permissions in this app are only to provide the desired results of all features to the user
Install video saver for Instagram and do not forget to give your valuable feedback
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Meenu KumarWed, Aug 30, 2023

it's good 👍

Blessed oparaMon, Jul 31, 2023


Sandesh RaiMon, Jul 17, 2023


SaranyaThu, Jul 6, 2023

very easy

CHINU SWAMIFri, Jun 9, 2023

Gooood app

Asif DogarFri, Jun 2, 2023


Pankaj DevilThu, May 18, 2023
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