WS DeckBuilder

WS DeckBuilder

An unofficial app that supports Weiss Schwarz card collection and deck building.

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An unofficial app that supports Weiss Schwarz card collection and deck building.
This is an unofficial application to support collecting cards and building decks for the TCG Weiss Schwarz.
We aim to make the application available to both players and collectors.

・Card Search
You can search for a card, check its details, and be guided to the link to the respective retail page for that card. Helps you find out the price of a card.
Search for decks of other players that use a particular card.
You can search for a card by reading the card number with the camera.
・Deck Building
Create decks according to the deck-building rules. (Compatible with the latest restricted card information).
Save created decks as images, text, or CSV files.
You can also use the "Try Out" function to see what cards you have in your hand.
Add cards you often use in deck construction to your favorites, and quickly add them to your favorites with a search.
・Wanted Cards List
Create lists of cards you want or that are missing from your deck.
The list can be saved as text or CSV.
・Public Deck Search
Search for decks published by other players and decks of past tournament winners.
・New Products
Check out new booster packs and trial decks.
・Wish List
You can create a list of products (booster packs and trial decks) that you want.
・Authorized Store Map Search
You can search for authorized stores near you from a map.
・ Supports the display of English cards in addition to Japanese cards.

* Because it is an unofficial app, it has nothing to do with Bushiroad.
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It never loads

Sam HurstonSun, Oct 22, 2023

The best WS app. Hope you can enable DEEPL Translation for all of the Japanese cards. If it's possible I will give 5 ☆ EDIT only old sets dont have translation and I can copy paste it easily by press and hold. 5 stars.

Kuro vi LolitanniaTue, Jan 10, 2023

Great app and love the ability to search the card text as well to easily be able to search for things such as Climax combos definitely recommend!

Devin HendrixFri, Oct 7, 2022

Absolutely fantastic app, has every function I need and really clean UI. I might be missing an option, however the Evangelion Rebuilds are not included here.

EoinfishFri, Aug 26, 2022
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Sun, Nov 26, 2023
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