Autistic Empathy

Autistic Empathy

Dating/Friendship for Aspergers/ASC folk

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Dating/Friendship for Aspergers/ASC folk
A dating and/or friendship app for 17+ individuals who identify as having Asperger's syndrome/Autism and who are seeking the companionship of like-minded individuals who can provide the empathic understanding they are seeking and which they deserve.

Apps for all neuro-types are not discerning enough for Asperger's/Autistic individuals, and the potential for harm to the Aspergic/Autistic individual is enormous. Literal, black and white thinking, which is part of the Asperger's/Autistic mindset, while it can be a benefit in certain areas of life and living, it can be problematic in relationships if not empathically understood by the person with whom you wish to be close to.

Finding someone who thinks in a similar way to how you think at first encounter, this app provides a shortcut through the social dance that the more mainstream dating/friendship apps engender.

This app is managed by qualified autism-specialist counsellors, who will be on hand with bespoke advices, if, for whatever reason, a difficulty is encountered via a helpline. Autistic Empathy also provides generic advices reference dating and friendship for all members to access.
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James BeckThu, Feb 16, 2023

This app is genuinely fantastic the admin team are extremely helpful and patient and look after thier community if you are on the ASD spectrum or know someone who is I would highly recommend this website for guidance and to help develop social skills it amazing seeing like minded people who understand and sympathize with ASD and are so welcoming definitely worth a try thanks autistic empathy 👍👍

Lazyl33 xThu, Dec 22, 2022

Deception requires you to put personal information and a picture of your ID

Tom Croft (Juggalo1997)Thu, Dec 1, 2022

Over zealous administration. (Update after seeing response) I'm not sure why you have mentioned conduct? The problem was not related to user conduct. Anyone considering using this app will have to send a picture of themselves holding identification and a utility bill to an email address, otherwise you will be removed from the app. Never had this problem on other similar platforms.

James BeckFri, Nov 18, 2022

My son cannot download on his Galaxy S21 FE. Please advise me of a work around.

Kevin TandyFri, Jul 29, 2022
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Thu, May 12, 2022
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Tue, Mar 21, 2023
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Mature 17+
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