Musical Steel Drums

Musical Steel Drums

Practice playing musical steel pan or drums on your device.

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Practice playing musical steel pan or drums on your device.
Steel drums or steel pan musical instrument app is a virtual instrument of the unusual musical instrument that originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is commonly used on Latin, Caribbean, and Afro-Latino/Afro-Cuban jazz music.  The app features eight (8) types of steel drums according to note as follows: Low Tenor or C-Lead Pan, High Tenor Pan, Double Tenor Pans, Double Second Pans, Double Guitar Pans, Cello Pan,  Tenor Bass Pans, and Six Bass Pans.

The keys of the steel pan are pressure sensitive on compatible phones which means that hitting the keys lightly produces low-level sounds while hitting the keys hard produces loud sounds. Another important and interesting feature of Steel Drums Musical Instrument app is a music player that is loaded with eleven (11) sampled play along sound loops for jamming or practice playing. There are two playlist buttons; one for tracks that are packaged with the app and one for online streaming. To play the loops, simply long-press either of the two playlist buttons and select a sample from the playlist. The sound loop samples /backing tracks featuring musical styles consisting of bossanova, calypso, reggae, rhumba flamenco, r&b, samba, pop, blues, rock, soul, country, ballad, and dance styles were arranged, performed, and recorded by the developer using built-in musical styles on his own Yamaha PSRS 900 keyboard. More backing tracks and other features will be added during the app's development life cycles to provide users with quality musical performance entertainment.

The app is better enjoyed on devices with medium to large screens but is also playable on normal-sized smartphones. It is good for learners and for seasoned players who are open to the idea of playing portable virtual instruments on their Android devices.

This musical steel pan/drums free app contains banner and interstitial ads. However, for those who prefer not to see ads, there is also an ad-free PRO version available for paid download on the app store for a minimal fee.

Enjoy and thanks for downloading and using Musical Steel Drums virtual Instrument app.
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Really you. Need my brith date. Bye

HyperDriveStation 2.0Fri, Mar 24, 2023

Very useful app! I do with the double second was not turned more inward as in person, all of the double seconds I have played were not like this. The ads is a VERY big problem for me. I also do not see the need they require my sex, internet as well as my location.

YukiYuki YunYunYunSat, Feb 11, 2023

Geo mashallah

sHaHeEr SoDhArSun, Feb 5, 2023

𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓪𝓹𝓹

Haily FireplaySat, Nov 26, 2022

Good app I play at school and this app is for good

Noah DavisTue, Nov 22, 2022

Some of the notes make a weird clicking sounds. A few things you can do to make the app better are: Making the notes bigger. My thumbs and fingers cannot hit the notes. Adding more varieties of steel pan. You did this with the tenner pans but for things like cello I cannot play them because I play a different variety. Overall a decent app but a few slight changes could make this app one of the best free steel pan music app on the market.

Kyla O'connellMon, Oct 31, 2022

I saw someone using this app for beat making and this app is the best beat maker i have ever seen this is why i gave it six stars

RamzinhoFri, Sep 2, 2022
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Sat, Nov 9, 2019
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Thu, Mar 9, 2023
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2 weeks ago
Enlarged the size of small notes an all layouts for more convenient playing. Updated compatibility with Android 13 API Level 33. Fixed bugs.

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