Lalo: Share Family Memories

Lalo: Share Family Memories

Preserve family photos in a private space.

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Preserve family photos in a private space.
Lalo gives families a place to connect, share pictures, and tell stories using voice or text journaling, create videos, and preserve traditions for future generations. 

Create spaces for yourself, your family, or a loved one whose stories you want to preserve. Lalo is the perfect way to remember special events like weddings or create albums for new additions to the family. Memorialize loved ones you've lost, by sharing stories, pictures, and honoring their memory.

Share stories using pictures, video, voice, and text. A single place to store your most treasured memories. Use our story prompts to help discover new stories from your friends, parents, or grandparents.

Lalo makes it easy to only share with the people you want. We don't capture, sell, or share your personal data.

Contact us anytime: [email protected]
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Fun App that you can use to share photos with you family and friends. Worked perfectly without any issues or errors. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the new features as they're released.

Aden MottSun, Jan 29, 2023

Love Lalo!, the logo & design of the app is very cute. The color theme is so inviting. I love that I can share my memories through this app. I had no issues figuring out the features.

kat armsteadFri, Jan 27, 2023

I really like this app. I can add the people I want to share memories with. This will be great for my family. I also like that I can earn badges.

Dawn JohnsonFri, Jan 27, 2023

Overall very good app, I had some technical issues with in-app "Take a quick survey" menu, but other than that it was a very good experience. It has an adorable design, very friendly and clear interface, it can be used immediately after downloading. I would use it with younger and older family members as well.

Anna Regina SárközyMon, Jan 2, 2023

This is a great app. It's free with tons of features, I love the Capules; it's easily integrated with Gmail. I'm always concerned about data privacy, which Lalo's privacy policy outlines aton. I love the FAQ sections it helped answer all the questions I had. The customer service response time is always fast and is able to solve my problem ASAP. Thank you to all Team Lalo for creating this app. 🙏

brahm valaySun, Jan 1, 2023

This app is a fun way to capture and share moments with friends and families. The UI is clean and well thought designed. An added touch with videos and examples make the app super easy to use. Kick Google photos to the side Lalo does the trick!

Nicole PhillipsFri, Sep 30, 2022

This app is free and has lots of fantastic features! I like being able to access my images and share them with my friends and family by connecting it to Google. This is a terrific way for me to keep my photos without having to add more storage to my Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which often fills up. I like the privacy protection and the ease with which I may at any point delete all of my information.

tkhal mediaFri, Sep 23, 2022
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Thu, Mar 3, 2022
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Thu, Jan 26, 2023
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1 week ago
- Added new Badges
- Now have the ability to remove a member from a capsule
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