Tergar Meditation Tracker

Tergar Meditation Tracker

Meditate and track your sessions – anywhere, anytime!

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Meditate and track your sessions – anywhere, anytime!
The Tergar Meditation Tracker app will help you start and maintain a regular meditation practice by tracking your sessions as you progress on the journey of training your mind.

Main features on this app:

* Timer – Set a time and choose your practice. Set the length of your session and add optional mid-session reminders to keep your meditation fresh.
* Counter – Every repetition counts. Record the exact number of your postrations or mantra recitations.
* Reminders – Short times, many times. Choose how many reminders you want throughout the day. Set the hours during which you'd like the reminders to appear and enter a favorite inspirational quote or practice instruction. (This feature is also compatible with Apple Watch.)
* Calendar – When training your mind, every step counts. Keep your practice log up-to-date by adding, changing, or removing sessions.
* Stats – Know where you are and where you're going. Track your meditation journey, compare your current streak with your best streak, and keep progressing towards your goal.
* Settings – One practice, many personalities. Choose the alert sounds that suit you best.
Security – Synchronize to save your sessions to the cloud. Your information will be with you anywhere, anytime, even if you switch devices.

The Tergar team hopes you enjoy the app. We'll keep improving it to make it an even better companion for your meditation practice.
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a simple and enjoyable app for a simple path to true happiness

VladWed, Jan 25, 2023

Gave info for account twice. Then tried to log in and recieved "failed to authenticate" twice. That's frustrating.

Wil WilsonMon, Jan 2, 2023

This app is perfect it has helped me dive deep into the Joy of Living program. I really am grateful... thanks Tergar team

anthony sardinaFri, Dec 9, 2022

Login doesn't work

Indira NouduriTue, Nov 29, 2022

Not able to login even after trying for several times Please help

sumit khatriSat, Oct 1, 2022

App is failing to login and then crash

Celso CostaFri, Apr 29, 2022

App is failing to login and then crash

Celso CostaFri, Apr 29, 2022
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Sun, Jun 17, 2018
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Thu, Feb 2, 2023
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