PEPPER: Home EMS Training

PEPPER: Home EMS Training

EMS coach with tailored on demand workouts and suit intensity control

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EMS coach with tailored on demand workouts and suit intensity control
Train anywhere and anytime with your Electronic Muscle Stimulation suit and app by Pepper. Choose from a constantly evolving library of EMS-tailored workouts for strength, yoga, and cardio, developed with leading EMS experts. Alternatively, intensify your own workout routines and use the app to only control your suit. The best fitness experience for beginners and experts alike. Adjust the EMS impulse intensity for every major muscle region individually to fit your needs and fitness level.

Suitable for EMS experts and beginners alike! Become an EMS expert quickly with the Pepper app and our trainers. We offer a studio-like EMS experience all within a single app ideal for on-the-go and home usage. The only app that offers workouts and suit control in one.

Our trainers will explain in detail how your Pepper suit and app work. You will complete a tutorial workout showing you all the components necessary to get the best out of your EMS experience. If you need further assistance, schedule a live onboarding session with one of our experts who will explain to you how Pepper works in detail.

Learn how to control your suit, challenge yourself and track your progress over time all within the Pepper app. We are here to help you get fit in the most fun and efficient way possible.

Pepper offers three different suit modes: strength, cardio, and relax. These modes vary in impulse rhythm and intensity and are suitable for distinct training preferences and fitness goals. The strength mode uses a high-intensity impulse with a four-second on and four-second pause rhythm. Its primary function is to increase muscular strength. The relax mode uses the same impulse rhythm but with a lower intensity that helps to relax and massage your muscles. The cardio mode intensifies every endurance workout and increases the calorie burn with a pulsating and low-intensity impulse rhythm.

You can tailor your experience by adjusting the intensity for different muscle regions individually. Turn up every area to the level of intensity you desire and even save your intensities for future workouts. Want to train one muscle region only or challenge yourself by using all major muscles of your body to the fullest potential? With the Pepper suit and app, you can do both.

Track your progress over time, both during your workouts and in your user profile. The heat zones visualize your intensity compared to previous intensity levels in your workout history and encourage you to improve your fitness level over time. Try to reach the red zone during your workouts to challenge yourself and get the most out of your training. Collect Pepper points for your activities and compare yourself to your friends.

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