Mudras is an natural Therapy to treat diseases,Mudra is a simple technique.

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Mudras is an natural Therapy to treat diseases,Mudra is a simple technique.
Mudra is a simple technique to manage your Physical and  Mental problems.
By Practising Mudra therapy you can control these five elements and also cure many diseases.
Thumb Finge- Fire or Sun
Index Finger-Wind or Air
Middle Finger-Sky or Space
Ring Finger-Earth
Little Finger-Water
This app contains the following:
Mudras for Acidity,Mudras for Acne,Mudras for Allergy,Mudras for Abdominal Pain,Mudras for Acid Reflux,Mudras for Bronchitis,Mudras for ADHD,Mudras for Adrenal Fatigue,Mudras for Amnesia,Mudras for Anemia,Mudras for Anal Fissure,Mudras for Anal Itching,Mudras for Anger,Mudras for Angina,Mudras for Anorexia,Mudras for Anti Aging,Mudras for Anxiety,Mudras for Appendicitis,Mudras for Arthritis,Mudras for Asthma,Home Remedy for Ataxia,Mudras for Attention Deficit Disorder,Mudras for Autism,Mudras for autoimmune disease,Mudras for Back Pain,Mudras for Bad Breath,Mudras for Belly Fat,Mudras for Bipolar Disorder,Mudras for Bladder Infections,Mudras for Blisters on Tongue,Mudras for Bloating,Mudras for Blocked Nose (or) Stuffy Nose,Mudras for Brain Problems,Mudras for breathing Problems,Mudras for Bursitis,Mudras for Calmness,Home Remedy for Cardiovascular Problems,Mudras for cerebral palsy,Mudras for cervical spondylosis,Mudras for chest congestion,Mudras for Chest Pain,Mudras for Chickenpox,Mudras for Cholera,Mudras for Chronic Fatigue,Mudras for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),Mudras for Chronic Pain,Mudras for Cirrhosis,Mudras for Clear Skin,Mudras for Clogged Arteries,Mudras for Clogged Ears,Mudras for Cold Sores,Mudras for Colitis,Mudras for Colon Problems,Mudras for Common Cold,Mudras for Concentration Power,Mudras for Concussion,Mudras for Conjunctivitis,Mudras for Constipation,Mudras for Cough,Mudras for Cystitis (or) UTI,Home Remedy for Deafness,Mudras for Deep Vein Thrombosis,Mudras for Dementia,Mudras for Teeth Pain,Mudras for Depression,Mudras for Detoxification,Mudras for Diabetes,Mudras for Diarrhea,Mudras for Digestive Problems,Mudras for Dizziness,Mudras for Dry Cough,Mudras for Dry Eyes,Mudras for Dry Skin,Mudras for Dysentery,Mudras for Dysmenorrhea,Mudras for Dyspepsia,Mudras for Dyspnoea (Shortness of Breath),Mudras for Ear Infection,Mudras for Ear Pain,Mudras for Eczema,Mudras for Edema,Mudras for Emotional Problems,Mudras for Energy,Mudras for Enlarged Prostate,Mudras for Epilepsy,Mudras for Erectile Dysfunction,Mudras for Excessive Menses,Mudras for Exhaustion,Mudras for Eye Infection,Mudras for Eye Problems,Mudras for Facial Beauty,Mudras for Facial Nerve Paralysis,Mudras for Fatigue,Mudras for Fatty Liver Disease,Mudras for Fear,Mudras for Female Sterility,Mudras for Fever,Mudras for Fibroid Tumors,Mudras for Fibromyalgia,Mudras for Flatulence,Mudras for Flu,Mudras for Food Poisoning,Mudras for Foot Pain,Mudras for Frequent Urination,Mudras for Gallbladder Problems,Mudras for Gallstone Problems,Mudras for Gastric Ulcer,Mudras for Gastritis,Mudras for General Weakness,Mudras for Glaucoma,Mudras for Gout,Mudras for Gum Disease,Mudras for Gynecological Problems,Mudras for Piles (or) Hemorrhoids,Mudras for Hair Problems,Mudras for Hangover,Mudras for Headache,Mudras for Heart Palpitations,Mudras for Heartburn,Mudras for Heatstroke (Sunstroke),Mudras for hemorrhage,Mudras for Herpes,Mudras for Hiccups,Mudras for High Blood Pressure,Mudras for High Cholesterol,Mudras for Hives,Mudras for Hormonal Imbalance,Mudras for Hyperacidity,Mudras for Hyperthyroidism,Mudras for Hysteria,Mudras for Immunity Power,Mudras for Impotence,Mudras for Incontinence,Mudras for Increase Height,Mudras for Increase Sperm Count,Mudras for Indigestion,Mudras for Infertility,Mudras for Inflammation,Mudras for Influenza,Mudras for Insomnia,Mudras for Intestinal Problems,Mudras for Irregular Heartbeat,Mudras for Irregular period,Mudras for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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