Blood Pressure App: BP Monitor

Blood Pressure App: BP Monitor

Blood Pressure BPM Tracker help you easily monitor and track your blood pressure

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Blood Pressure BPM Tracker help you easily monitor and track your blood pressure
Blood Pressure - BP Monitor is a reliable, safe and fast assistant to help you easily record daily blood pressure data, monitor long-term blood pressure trends, and provide helpful lifestyle tips for your health.  Blood Pressure App also provide a lot of blood pressure related science knowledge, so that you can understand and control blood pressure more comprehensively.

Blood Pressure Tracker is specifically designed for people who want to control their blood pressure. It only takes a few steps to record blood pressure values, and can also select the current state (sitting, lying, before and after eating, etc.). You can also visually view changes over a period of time by selecting a bar chart, and see data such as average and highest and lowest values.

Blood Pressure: BP Monitor is an electronic doctor which help you get comprehensive understanding of blood pressure changes and maintain health. In addition, Blood Pressure Tracker provides blood sugar recording and heart rate detection, allowing you to quickly measure the current heart rate value through a mobile camera.

💖Quickly record and analyze current blood pressure status
- Automatically analyze health status and provide suggestions
- Select the current state (sit still, lie down, before and after eating, etc.)
- No need for pen and paper recording, convenient and not easily lost
- Enter personalized notes
- Manage your blood pressure records through tags

🚀Clearly view past blood pressure fluctuations
- Interactive charts display intuitive trends in blood pressure changes
- Easily view and revise historical records
- Provide advice to prevent hypertension or hypotension
- Select to view average, highest, and lowest values
- Generate your exclusive health report

More features for Blood Pressure Tracker - BP Monitor
* Real time recording and monitoring of blood pressure
* Convenient recording without loss
* Generate personalized health report
* Obtain charts to create dietary plans
* Comprehensive understanding of blood pressure history
* Professional health science articles
* Establish a healthy diet and lifestyle
* Record and analysis of blood sugar levels
* Place fingertips on the camera to quickly measure heart rate
* Visually view blood sugar and heart rate status

Highly recommend the all-new Blood Pressure Tracker - BP Monitor, ultimate companion for achieving health goals! Through its convenient blood pressure recording, intuitive monitoring, and rich articles, you can control your blood pressure and health status in an unprecedented way. Today, start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle with Blood Pressure Diary - BP Monitor!

1. Blood Pressure Monitor is only suitable for general health care and cannot be used for medical purposes. If you feel unwell, please consult a professional physician as soon as possible.
2. This application cannot measure blood pressure, and the heart rate measurement function is only for reference, it cannot replace professional medical equipment.
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