Midnight Serenade: Otome Game

Midnight Serenade: Otome Game

Make a pact with destiny. Will you choose fame or salvation?

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Make a pact with destiny. Will you choose fame or salvation?
■ Synopsis ■

Step into the vibrant, sultry world of Crescent City, where music, mystery, and magic collide. As a talented but struggling jazz singer, you face an impossible choice to save your ailing father by striking a desperate bargain at the crossroads with a devil by the name of Lucian Cross, a seductive music producer with a dark secret.

While rising to stardom, your soul becomes entangled in a sinister contract. You flee to the safety of a local church where Father Vincent, a compassionate exorcist, offers you sanctuary. Can you break free from the clutches of the devil and find salvation in the arms of an unlikely savior, or will you be forever bound by the darkness of your own desires? Dive into the intoxicating rhythm of Midnight Serenade and unravel the mysteries of love, temptation, and redemption!

■ Characters ■

Lucian Cross — The Charming Devil

The devil in disguise, Lucian is a charismatic music producer who preys on the desires of humans. He's powerful and seductive, but behind his flashy exterior lies a possessive nature as he seeks to claim your soul. Can you resist his allure and break free from the grasp of your new manager, or will your pure voice save him from his own riddled past?

Father Vincent — The Compassionate Exorcist

A responsible and steadfast exorcist, Father Vincent is your childhood friend and a trusted figure in the community. He may be a pillar of strength, but there’s more to the kind priest than meets the eye. His own dark past and commitment to atoning for his sins drive him to save you from the devil’s clutches, even as he battles his own demons. Can you help him find redemption as he protects you from the darkness?
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I'm loving this game very much the characters are super and story is also super and I don't have words to explain how super this is but ya I'm loving this. 😘🔥❤️‍🔥💯

RDX MP40 ARMYMon, Feb 19, 2024

Love it so much but can you please add Arabic language there is many Arabian people who really liked your story so please add Arabic language ♥️😍

ALEXANDRA SAMEHWed, Feb 14, 2024

I love this game it's so alluring and just all around amazung

Merlin MitchellThu, Feb 8, 2024

I always love these stories, even though they USUALLY follow the same concept w 3 main men I always love em, however I'm giving it a 4 stars because of how expensive everything is, with only being able to get 30 coins every like 4h and from the machine while an option is from 20-60 diamonds it doesn't seem very fair, usually when I rlly wanna pick the diamond option n I don't hv enough i hv to wait from 2-3 days collecting coins every few hours to b able to afford it w out spending real money.

red roseSat, Jan 27, 2024

I adore the new animation direction Genius has gone for with this otome. It was very refreshing to see new backgrounds and characters that both move throughout the gameplay. The writing could have been a tad bit better if I'm being honest, but other than that, it was fun!

Craze961Sun, Jan 14, 2024

I feel like one of the character, namely Mephistopheles 's ending, wasn't fully developed yet, the story was rather short than the others LI and I wasted my rubies to watch his ending to find out this truth. So I seriously hope the developer team do sth about it, add a longer story perhaps?!

Selena HuiTue, Jan 9, 2024

The best game of Genius Inc. It is different from other games because we can enjoy it without selecting the gems option but sometimes I feel a little frustrated not being able to choose the premium voice choices but overall the gameplay is really amazing ✧

Payal BaroiSat, Jan 6, 2024
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REVENUE$120Jan 2024Worldwide
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Fri, Oct 6, 2023
Update Date
Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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2 months ago
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