Mechlands: Survivor

Mechlands: Survivor

Control a powerful mech in Mechlands: Survivor's adrenaline-pumping mobile game

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4.3 (338)
United States United States
Control a powerful mech in Mechlands: Survivor's adrenaline-pumping mobile game
Prepare for the ultimate mobile gaming experience in Mechlands: Survivor, a stunning sci-fi shooter, that puts you in the cockpit of a powerful mech. Fight for your life against relentless waves of alien invaders, using a massive arsenal of weapons and upgrades. Experience stunning graphics, exciting gameplay, and strategic choices in this action-packed survivor game.

You are the last line of defense for humanity, facing off against a ruthless alien invasion that has ravaged the Earth. Your only hope is a cutting-edge mech suit, loaded with advanced weaponry and defenses. Your goal is simple: blast every alien in sight, before they wipe out the human race. Explore devastated environments and crumbling cities, each filled with deadly extraterrestrial enemies.

Mechlands: Survivor features a responsive and immersive combat system, letting you unleash an array of weapons on your foes. From energy cannons, missile launchers, flamethrowers, plasma rifles, and more, you can tailor your mech’s arsenal to suit your playstyle. Upgrade your weapons and armor, enhance your mech’s skills, and craft new tactics to overcome the escalating challenge.

But survival is not just about shooting. It requires fast reflexes, precise aiming, and clever movement. You will encounter various types of alien creatures, from colossal monsters and insects to airborne aliens and swarms. You will also face boss battles that will challenge your skills and strategy. Will you survive the ultimate robot war?

Mechlands: Survivor is the perfect game for fans of mech games, robot shooting games, mech arena, robot battle, survivor & survival, surviving games, mech survival. Download it now and join the epic mech war!
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Review Breakdown

it's so awesome. my only problems are how low the mechs HP is.

Aldayr GarivaySat, Apr 20, 2024

Nice stratigy shooter

Stephen PettigrewThu, Apr 18, 2024

Fun game! A bit too forward with all the "BUY NOW" stuff for my taste though. My main map-select screen right now has no less than FIVE icons asking me to spend money. Kinda excessive.

Sly WynThu, Apr 18, 2024

Ads, ads and more ads. Only game I've seen that makes you watch ads on the middle of game play. Use special ability, to lvl up skills, ad... Oh wait it's 2 ads now.

Stitch ReloadedTue, Apr 2, 2024

Just changed the game for the worse. Only way to progress is watching 20 ads in a row.

Scott “Butters Margarine” TethermanFri, Mar 29, 2024

I love this game, but come on give a remove ads option. It's funny, I spend WAY more money on games that at minimum have removable ads than ones that don't. Like you CAN'T progress further in the "Evolve" upgrade section without watching an ad? Sorry but no thanks. Not turning my ad block off for you.

Michael WilsonFri, Mar 29, 2024

Game has no cloud save!

Drex MaverickFri, Mar 29, 2024
Download & Revenue
DOWNLOAD 1.4KMar 2024Worldwide
REVENUEN/AMar 2024Worldwide
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Min Os. Version
Release Date
Tue, Jul 4, 2023
Update Date
Wed, Mar 27, 2024
Content Rating
Everyone 10+
What's New
3 weeks ago
+ Legendary Chest and Legendary Keys.
+ Golden Pass Plus with stackable bonuses (including extra revive).
+ New rewards.
+ Polished balance of Lucky Challenge.
+ Polished UI.
+ Optimized monster movement and menu navigation.
+ Optimizations, bug fixes and other polishing.
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