Sort water: color puzzle game

Sort water: color puzzle game

A colorful and addictive puzzle game for your brain - Liquid Sort

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A colorful and addictive puzzle game for your brain - Liquid Sort
Are you tired of the boring and gray routine? We have a great solution for you - run a bright and colorful Liquid Sort puzzle game on your phone. This is an exciting game that will open up a whole world of pleasure for you, and most importantly - will force your brain to solve complex problems.
Everything seems so simple - you have several bottles with different colored liquids inside. Your task is to make sure that liquids of the same color are in the same bottle. At the first level, everything is easy, but with each victory, the puzzle becomes more and more difficult! And now you have a real challenge! Can you solve all the riddles and follow this path to the end?πŸ˜‰
Liquid Sort is a great game for both kids and adults. After all, here you are waiting for:
600 different levels. Each task will be special, and you can feel the real satisfaction from solving all the puzzles. What's more, you can even create your own challenge for other users using the level editor.🧠
Colorful graphics. A pleasant color scheme will please you. Everything looks great, and even after several hours of playing your eyes will not get tired.🀩
Convenient management. Managing the transfusion of liquids is simple and convenient - just tap on the first bottle and tap on the second bottle where you want to pour the liquid.πŸ‘Œ
Variability. You can make your gameplay more convenient by buying things in the in-game store and customizing them (the ability to change bottles+backgrounds for specific levels with the ability to customize all shop items add, remove or change).πŸ‘
Minimum number of advertisements. Also, the game offers you to view ads and get additional bonuses. For example, the player can watch the cutscene and skip the next level. Or use other options.😎
Good optimization. The application uses a special system of shaders, which allows the application to work as efficiently as possible. Liquid Sort works great with all modern iOS and Android devices. What's more, you can even install the game on your computer and play it at your workplace).😊
Download and install Liquid Sort – try to solve all puzzles in a colorful game!!πŸ€—
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Nice one cool 😎😎

Adijat OritokeWed, Jan 25, 2023

Very colorful & enjoyable(at first): short ads, but after EACH level! Keep waiting for the game to become more challenging-NOT! We're up to level 206 & it's the same old same old same. . .became boring, no challenges, sorry but gonna delete. Too bad, wonderful graphics & colors.

S.L. DuncanWed, Jan 25, 2023

I. Really like it

Brenda Clark-SheaTue, Jan 24, 2023

A new fun experience.

Jayson HamiltonSun, Jan 22, 2023

Love the game & colorful πŸ’™

Debby VidetoSat, Jan 21, 2023

Love this game

angel adayFri, Jan 20, 2023

Pretty cool! I love it! Keeps me focused n calm n most games like this don't do that cuz of excessive ads and glitches.

Chrystal PurcellMon, Jan 16, 2023
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DOWNLOAD 130Jan 2023Worldwide
REVENUE$574Jan 2023Worldwide
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Thu, Jun 2, 2022
Update Date
Tue, Jan 31, 2023
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What's New
5 days ago
New interface updates added for a more enjoyable game.
Explore our game, we have prepared new gifts for you.
Bags fixed from previous version.
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