MinesweeperZERO-Classic Puzzle

MinesweeperZERO-Classic Puzzle

Simple but addictive. The classic and popular logical puzzle and speed game.

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Simple but addictive. The classic and popular logical puzzle and speed game.
Windows users know it ?!
The nostalgic classic mines game Minesweeper !
The minesweeper is now available as an Android game app called "Minesweeper ZERO"!
And it's free to play!

What is Minesweeper Anyway? :
Minesweeper(buscaminas/minestryger/démineur/тральщик/caça-minas/Penyapu ranja/vét thủy lôi/扫雷/掃雷艦) is a single-player computer game invented in the 1980s, a puzzle game in which the objective is to remove mines (bombs) from a minefield(champ de mines/minefelt /campo de minas/campo minado/mинное поле/Bãi mìn/雷区).
It's a nostalgic classic puzzle game with a strong following because many people are addicted to it despite its simplicity, and they can enjoy both the "logical puzzle elements using their brains" and the "action elements competing for time".
“Minesweeper ZERO” is a puzzle game app that lets you play Minesweeper on Android.

How to play Minesweeper :
Open all the panels while avoiding the panels with hidden mines to clear the game!
If you open a mine in the middle of the game, it's game over.
The number displayed shows the number of mines around you, and you can guess the location of the mine from the number displayed.
Once you know where the mines are, put up a "flag" to mark them so that you don't accidentally open the mine panel.
Also, if you are not sure if it is a mine or an empty panel, as a note, you can flag "?" flag as a note.

Features of "Minesweeper ZERO" :
For killing time and refreshing your mind :
Because it can be played in a short period of time, it's perfect for killing time, leisure time, breaks!

Easy to operate :
Easy and simple! Fun for all ages, from children to seniors.

5 levels of difficulty in the game :
You can choose the stage that best suits your ability, so anyone from beginners to experts can have fun playing.
- Easy / 9x9 field / 10 mines
- Normal / 16x16 field / 40 mines
- Hard / 16x30 field / 99 mines
- Super Hard / 32x32 field / 199mines
- Ultra / 64x64 field / 799 mines

Time Attack Mode :
Compete with users from all over the country in a time attack to clear the game in time, and aim for the top of the rankings !

Challenge Mode :
The levels range from 1 to 100.
Complete missions that increase in difficulty with each level!

For brain training and mental exercise :
Train your brain while having fun with this brain-based puzzle game!

Sophisticated design :
We aimed for a simple and easy-to-read design to make playing fun and enthusiastic.

“Minesweeper ZERO" is recommended for the following users :
-People who like board games, classic games, classic games, and action puzzle games.
- For those who are looking for brain training and other logic puzzle games.
- Those who used to be addicted to Minesweeper.

Enjoy the nostalgic Minesweeper next time enjoy it on the app!

"Minesweeper ZERO" is free, but it is run by ads.
We thank you for your understanding.
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